harnessing the power of photography for good

Catalyst Westcoast 2009

today was a long day……… we ate breakfast and were on the road by 7am-ish,  still not sure why, since first session didnt start til 830am.  no worries.   hillsong united opened up the day with worship, what a treat, learning to really like these folks.   after worship, the speakers began rolling,  lots of good info to make you think….it will take a bit of time to process everything, plus theres a full day tomorrow as well.  lookin forward to it.  we had chick fil a for lunch, freeeee, so it was extra good.  got to spend some time with some new friends from minnesooota.  we finished the day at lucilles smokehouse bbq!

stephen with christian hosoi

joel houston, hillsong united

andy stanley, lead pastor north point community church

ravi zacharias

dc, chick fil a cow, rocio

brian houston,  sr pastor hillsong church

brooke fraser, hillsong united

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