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Chick-Fil-A Military Appreciation Night | Eastlake

I had the privilege of shooting the Eastlake Military Appreciation Night with Mike Menegus and Mark Wallace from the Eastlake Church Photo ministry. The Eastlake Chick-Fil-A joined all the other locations in an amazing effort to simply serve our military. I’ve never seen people work so hard and have nothing but smiles on their faces throughout the entire event. Here are a few images from the Eastlake location, to view all the pics from this amazing event visit: missionfocused.smugmug.com

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Chick-fil-A Military Appreciation Night

Chick-fil-A Military Appreciation Night was April 25th.  It was a night to thank and honor those who have served and those actively serving in the military and their families.  Chick-fil-A provided free dinner along with fun and games for the whole family…as a small way of saying thank you serving and protecting our country.

Mission Focused had the blessing of helping Chick-fil-A photograph Military Appreciation Night at the Eastlake Terraces, Sports Arena & Mira Mesa locations.  All of the Chick-fil-A restaurants in San Diego county participated in Military Appreciation Night.

God Bless our Troops & God Bless America!

you can see more photos from each location by going HERE

camouflage military cow in mira mesa

chick-fil-a cow at sports arena w happy navy serviceman

striking a pose w the cow at chick-fil-a eastlake terraces

Chick-Fil-A Military Appreciation Night | Sports Arena

On the 25th chick-fil-la, along with local sponsors held their Annual Military Appreciation Night. A way to say thank you from grateful businesses for the sacrifice and service of love these warriors and their families, past and present, give so unselfishly to their country.

Throughout the afternoon and evening spouses and children of deployed loved ones, families of returned military personal and individual military members and veterans filed through for a free meal and a big thank you from volunteers and Chick-fil-la workers, and a big cow.

Among those that passed through was a military child only a few months old and new born children in strollers hidden behind a blanket as they slept. On the other end of the spectrum was a 98 year old veteran of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.

The children had an awesome time with the cow and watching the Crew play on barrel drums, playing and laughing. It was a good time had by all.

you can see more photos from Chick-Fil-A’s Military Appreciation Night HERE

Mortification, Sanctification and Chick Fil A

i wrote this sitting in chick fil a about 2 hours ago. chicken sandwich, smothered in honey roasted bbq, and sweet  tea!  yes! tonite is kids day, which means the joint is crawling with kids, wall to wall, and with the kids comes the noise!  its quite nice, it reminds me of back in the day when everyone went to mcdonalds on weekends for happy meals.  i love chick fil a, food is good and the fact that it started by christians is cool too. i was reading an article while i was there about how chick fil a has the highest employee retention rate in the biz, 96%.  truett cathay, founder of chick fil a, and his sons who now run the business, choose to run chick fil a  on biblical principles. theyve been quoted as saying “Christ never died for a corporation. He died for you and me.” because of this they have chosen to close all restaurants on sunday, to allow their employees to go to church and spend time with family. they host corporate retreats for their peeps and for their families, understanding that strong healthy families and marriages are good for the business and for the community. theyve sacrificed the “bottom line” for the “bottom line.”  chick  fil a has prospered as they have sacrificed…

i was reading today about mortification.  the author, urban holmes, defined it as ” the intentional denial of legitimate pleasures in the spirit of Christian poverty that one might become more human.”  he goes on to say that the idea of mortification has been misunderstood or misinterpreted in todays culture. it has been deemed unimportant and old fashioned.  the act of mortification is either believed to be an end all (by denying themselves they earn merit w God.  which is false) or the act of “giving up” things for God has been exchanged with the idea of “taking on.”  the author responds that “what we failed to understand was that a life incapable of significant sacrifice is also incapable of courageous action.” 

sacrifices have to be made.  the process of sanctification requires mortification.  in the garden, you prune living branches inorder for more better growth to occur.  holmes says “we cannot simply ‘celebrate growth.’  it is more than to be regretted, it is tragic that we seem to have lost the insight that growth in Christ requires careful pruning.”  we all need to choose the best, and not be afraid of a little sacrifice, especially in light of what Christ has done for us all.

live courageously!

excerpts from Spirituality for Ministry by Urban T Holmes III

Catalyst Westcoast 2009

today was a long day……… we ate breakfast and were on the road by 7am-ish,  still not sure why, since first session didnt start til 830am.  no worries.   hillsong united opened up the day with worship, what a treat, learning to really like these folks.   after worship, the speakers began rolling,  lots of good info to make you think….it will take a bit of time to process everything, plus theres a full day tomorrow as well.  lookin forward to it.  we had chick fil a for lunch, freeeee, so it was extra good.  got to spend some time with some new friends from minnesooota.  we finished the day at lucilles smokehouse bbq!

stephen with christian hosoi

joel houston, hillsong united

andy stanley, lead pastor north point community church

ravi zacharias

dc, chick fil a cow, rocio

brian houston,  sr pastor hillsong church

brooke fraser, hillsong united