harnessing the power of photography for good

Catalyst Westcoast at Mariners Church

i got up here without any problems, and no tickets ( i was  goin w the flow of traffic!).  we all met up around 2pm to break into groups, talked about expectations we might have about being here and then went to dinner as a group.  by now im feeling more at ease and am genuinely excited about what God is gonna do.  after dinner we roll up on mariners church… ive heard lots of good stuff about the church, and have had friends who used to go here, but what i heard and what i saw were 2 different things.  i honestly had no idea what i would see…the campus is huge!   they were having a pre-event gathering, for folks to check out the church and get excited for catalyst which officially starts thurs morning.   take a look at some of the pics i took.

skate park!

anybody wanna get dunked?  baptism pool

new chapel they just finished building 4 weeks ago, theyve already had 2 weddings

some of the rock ministry leaders and staff attending catalyst, posing on the pirate ship

indoor gaming area, with double decker basketball courts.


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