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Mariners Church

day 2: catalyst west 2010

this year was different for me…there were some new speakers, and some from last year.  i was blessed to get to know some fine folks from milwaukee and atlanta last year.  but brother nick, a youth pastor in atlanta, is getting ready to be a dad soon.  so he wasnt able to make it out to catalyst this year.   dave and dawn had to deal with me all by themselves.  i did learn alot and much of what God has been teaching me lately was confirmed at catalyst.  but when i have more time to process my notes, i will share more.

if youve never been to catalyst, i highly recommend it.  you dont have to be a pastor or church staffer to go.  you just have to willing to learn and be open to what God will show yall.  its not like other church conferences you may have been to…

more soon

Catalyst Westcoast

i think my head is gonna burst! so much knowledge, wisdom and great words of encouragement to press on and run the race for His Kingdom!  what a blessing to be front and center to hear these guys speak.  erwin mcmanus

trip & tyler with team millenium

rick warren being interviewed by andy stanley

craig groeschel

francis chan

perry noble

Catalyst Westcoast 2009

today was a long day……… we ate breakfast and were on the road by 7am-ish,  still not sure why, since first session didnt start til 830am.  no worries.   hillsong united opened up the day with worship, what a treat, learning to really like these folks.   after worship, the speakers began rolling,  lots of good info to make you think….it will take a bit of time to process everything, plus theres a full day tomorrow as well.  lookin forward to it.  we had chick fil a for lunch, freeeee, so it was extra good.  got to spend some time with some new friends from minnesooota.  we finished the day at lucilles smokehouse bbq!

stephen with christian hosoi

joel houston, hillsong united

andy stanley, lead pastor north point community church

ravi zacharias

dc, chick fil a cow, rocio

brian houston,  sr pastor hillsong church

brooke fraser, hillsong united

Catalyst Westcoast at Mariners Church

i got up here without any problems, and no tickets ( i was  goin w the flow of traffic!).  we all met up around 2pm to break into groups, talked about expectations we might have about being here and then went to dinner as a group.  by now im feeling more at ease and am genuinely excited about what God is gonna do.  after dinner we roll up on mariners church… ive heard lots of good stuff about the church, and have had friends who used to go here, but what i heard and what i saw were 2 different things.  i honestly had no idea what i would see…the campus is huge!   they were having a pre-event gathering, for folks to check out the church and get excited for catalyst which officially starts thurs morning.   take a look at some of the pics i took.

skate park!

anybody wanna get dunked?  baptism pool

new chapel they just finished building 4 weeks ago, theyve already had 2 weddings

some of the rock ministry leaders and staff attending catalyst, posing on the pirate ship

indoor gaming area, with double decker basketball courts.

catalyst west coast

headin north to catalyst west coast today.  its being hosted by mariners church in irvine.

there are some speakers im lookin forward to hear from.  and im excited that hillsong united will be doin worship there.  had a great time at the hillsong united concert at the rock last nite.

will attempt to blog while up north.  pray that God shows me what He wants me to see and hear, and that im receptive to whatever it is.  should be fun.