harnessing the power of photography for good

God in Oaxaca

dave mentioned awhile back that when an american pastor comes to visit a church in mexico, usually means the american pastors church supports the mexican church in some way, the church in mexico is expected to open the pulpit up so the american pastor can teach that sunday.  but when the mexican pastor comes to visit the american church, the same courtesy isnt always extended.  which makes me think and go hmmmmmm?  is the God of the american pastor more important than the God of mexico?  dont we all worhsip the same God.  isnt God unchanging, and the same yesterday, today and manana?  hmmmmm!

we got to worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ in tlacolula, at la unica esperanza.  it was clear to me that the same God i worship in sd was here in oaxaca today.  whatablessing!  looking forward to this week of ministry…shooting photos for Jesus!

take a look at some of the photos we took today

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