harnessing the power of photography for good

Cyndy Smith…in Oaxaca

this post is cyndy smiths first….enjoy

Monte Alban is one of the earliest pre-Hispanic cities built by the Zapotecs on a group of hills in the centre of the valley. It was the center for politics and economics for close to a thousand years. The Zapotecs were polytheistic, although the two main gods they worshiped were the rain god and the god of light. Around 700AD the city was largely abandoned and eventually was take over by another major civilization, the Mixteco. They added more buildings to Monte Alban and made it their ceremonial centre. Seeing this expansive archeological site made me contemplate on what we as Christian are spending our time building and how long will it last.

Prov 16:1 Says “Mortals make elaborate plans but God has the last word.”

One of the many great experiences of Oaxaca is the food, and we have been enjoying lots of it. Every meal is a new adventure that tantalizes our taste-buds. Seeing the woman at the markets buying, selling and cooking the foods has made me very appreciative of all the modern conveniences I am blessed with in the US. “Oaxacan cooking can only be explained from the mix of indigenous traditions, the splendid Aztec table, the colonial baroque, a complex technique, and the addition of an indispensable ingredient, which has become unusual among others in the world – TIME. Each Oaxacan dish involves many hours of work in front of the stove. Tamales, for instance, demand washing, broiling, soaking the wrapping leaves, toasting, and grinding hot peppers, cooking, cleaning and crushing the corn, make the filling, coating, filling, preparing the cooking container, folding, tying, accommodating, cooking and finally, serving.” http://www.oaxaca-travel.com.

grasshoppers…seasoned and fried, that i ate

Drink of Tejate, a Zapotec drink made with corn, cacao, flowers, and toasted mamay seeds… Served in a traditional jicara of course…

Breakfast: Pastries, Banana & Coffee made in a pot (café de olla)

farm shots

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