harnessing the power of photography for good

low hung fruit

free photo class tonite, april 28th, 7pm in jrhi room at the rock, 3rd floor.

all are welcome, with or without a camera. this is a time to share about our shared passion for photography, and hopefully encourage yall to get out and start taking more pics of this beautiful world God has created.

its good to slow down, enjoy some nice coffee and a coronet w nutella.  and think about stuff

the kind of stuff ive been thinking about recently and have pondered several times in the past is that “mediocrity sucks!”

this loquat tree by home is full of fruit, and if you look closely, all the low hung fruit are just about all gone.  david talks about location-travel photography, like in the caymans, in exotic locations is fun and easy to get beautiful colorful pics.  he calls that the “low hung fruit” on the tree of creativity.

for some photographers, thats enough.

but often, the “best” fruit is the stuff thats hard to reach, that takes effort and skill to get to, and sometimes an element of danger and uncertainty. come tonite and lets have fun talking about photography.

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