harnessing the power of photography for good

catalyst, family and lucilles bbq!

last year at catalyst west 2009, i met up with some wonderful people.  dave & dawn kinsman from milwaukee and nick person, from atlanta.  we ended up sitting next to each other in the front row, and spent the next 2 days hanging out while at catalyst.  we had dinner at the end of catalyst at lucilles bbq, great joint!

lucilles bbq 2009: a quick pic.  the food was calling out to us!

nick and his wife are expecting a new addition to their family, so he wasnt able to make it out from atlanta this year.  we missed him and look forward to seeing him soon.

it was certainly a blessing to get to know dave and dawn better.  it didnt seem like it was a whole year since id last seen them.  part of the fun for me was being able to get some fun pics of the 2 of them along with some pics with some folks hanging around catalyst this year.  take a look

dave & dawn, at mariners church, site of catalyst west 2010

dave met some guy named rick who was there to support his wife, kay, who had spoken at catalyst

what was cool about the above pic is that rick had just rolled up to catalyst…he said hi and gave kay a kiss and started saying hi to those who were waiting to talk with his wife.  he shook hands and gave everyone a hug, including me.  what a nice, approachable guy.

with mariah and erwin mcmanus

there was a long line of folks wanting to say hi and have erwin sign books.  daves lovely wife waited in line as dave and i listened to erwin inside.  when we got outside, there she was, second in line.  dave met erwin last year at catalyst and he actually remembered dave.  very cool.

dave & dawn w some dude they met on the street!

what has become a tradition now, dinner at lucilles bbq after catalyst west.  we were short 1 person, but we ate extra for nick : )

rack em!!

hopefully it wont be a whole year before i get to break bread with my friends in milwaukee again.  what a blessing!

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