harnessing the power of photography for good

M.M.: you can call me “ensign”, just dont salute me…

military mondays!  whata blessing.    my pops served our country as a navy supply chief, which made me a navy brat.  some say the chiefs ran things in the navy, and more specifically, supply chiefs.  supply chiefs controlled everything, and there are rumors of a “supply chief underground”  where they would trade and move things across the globe, via the navy, to get what they wanted.  my dad has kept quiet about that…

as trevor has mentioned, we had some lighting issues, but we managed. the lights we have been using we dont have access to right now.  so i ran up to calumet to rent some lights, since i couldnt wait for a decision on whether or not we could get the lights.  as we started setting up, there was an umbrella missing.  no where to be found.  but thankfully i had this old (and i mean old) school umbrella that miguel had given me that we had to use to get by.  but once we got that problem solved, it worked out fine.

if you look closely at this pic of trevor shooting chris and his boys, in upper left corner, you can see the ghetto fabulous umbrella.

i had the pleasure of shooting chuckie & rachelle ensign.  as we got to know them a bit, i had asked if he was an officer or was interested in becoming one.  an ensign is the first rank you receive as an officer in the navy, so chuckie would be ensign ensign.  before chuckie could answer i could see rachelle shaking her head “no.”  she doesnt want chuckie in the navy any longer than he needs to be.  shes not fond of the 6 month deployments.  they were high school sweet-hearts, which is always cool to me.  i think chuckie knew rachelle wasnt fond of the military, since he told her he was enlisting on their prom night.  rachelle mentioned it was hard to be mad at him on their prom night.  it was a blessing to meet them and have the chance to serve them.

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