harnessing the power of photography for good

focused, ready & willing…

hermana julia

there is power in an image…sometimes more than we expect or imagine.  our goal as a group of photographers is to document the work of the Holy Spirit in our images.  a big part of the equation is being ready.  and ready isnt confined to our cameras, it has to do with being right with God as well.  so with camera in hand, and lead by God the Holy Spirit, we look for the photos that will testify and glorify God.  to show the world that He is still working today in the lives of those who love Him.

the above photo was taken in tlacolula, mexico on sunday feb 6th at la unica esperanza, pastor americos church.  all of us photographers were taking photos that sunday, and i looked outside and saw hermana julia…praising God.  the service was almost over and she was making her way to the food that was gonna be served for lunch…praising Him along the way.  im humbled.

Santiago and Julia Reyes Reyes

brother terry took this photo, same day, after church.  come to find out this was their first formal portrait together in some time.  naturally they wanted a copy of the photo.  so we made a 8×10 and had it framed for them.  after giving the framed photo to hermana julia, she was so appreciative.  she hugged each of us and started crying…telling us that (translated) “there werent enough words to express her thankfulness.  gracias wasnt enough.”  she touched her heart, tears coming down her face,  saying “gracias, gracias.”

i told cyndy, jim and terry that if we didnt do anything else during our time in mexico…it was all worth that moment that we gave her the framed portrait.  it was a powerful moment.  terry being ready and in the right place…was able to provide a truly priceless memory for the family.  to God the Glory!

hermano santiago

i love this photo.  there really doesnt need to be much said about it.  it speaks power & strength and at the same time theres a sense of humility and grace.  it was tough to get this shot, since it was dark and lit with fire from the outdoor stove, and he didnt always stay in one place.  it really was one of those waiting for the right moment shots…

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