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God’s Valentine

cyndy originally posted this on our facebook site

Valentine’s Day is special,
With it’s candy and lovely flowers,
Dinner at a fancy restaurant,
…And dancing til the wee hours.

When I think of this special day,
I think of God’s warm love,
And the blessings that He sends,
On the wings of angels from above.

We are all blessed in knowing,
That His great love continues to grow,
And that His precious Redeemer
Will never curtail it’s flow.

I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day,
Valentine’s spread God’s love around,
And lifts the heavy hearts,
To our Creators holy ground.

Stop for a moment to thank Him,
For all of His promises to you,
Then give someone a warm hug,
And He will give one back to you,

Every day can be a Valentine,
To a stranger or a friend,
When we take the time to share,
God’s love that never ends.

We were created for a purpose,
To go and tell the Good News,
What’s better than a Valentine,
With it’s angelic views.

~ Eva May Young ~

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