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is it real or is it memorex

memorex had this ad from back in the day…their tag line was that music on there media was so good, you have to ask yourself  “is it real or is it memorex.” if  you remeber this, your old!

a friend told me about this youtube video. it was created by north point community church in georgia, as a parody for a conference they were doing…when they posted it, they offered no explanation and it provoked lots of comments.  to read more about the video you can go here. its funny and will make you laugh and think…

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  1. Jim Wanglund

    Wow! A truly satirical look at worship and the message during mega-church service. It really makes you wonder about how planned out and cookie cutter a service can be within churches today. Now I did laugh at it only because it can seem familiar but it really comes down to the individual. Are you worshiping the music, the leader, or Him? I know for me and many other followers of Christ, it was the worship music that held a message that we could understand and it was God’s way of reaching us. Now it is a way in which I can honor Him. God is always trying to find a way into our heart if we just listen. It can be funny though to see how routine it can all become after you have been in community for a while. While I like being a part of the community, I love being closer to Him because of it.

    June 4, 2010 at 6:22 pm

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