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attention church…ron jeremy has left the building

last saturday the rock hosted a truly historic, if not comical event…the self porclaimed king of porn was seen inside the rock church.  ron jeremy, said king of porn, and craig gross (aka the porn pastor) held one of the pornography debates.  the 2 of them have been traveling around the country, to mostly college campuses, hoding debates on whether  pornography is harmless entertainment or a dangerous addiction.

ron jeremy was clearly “out of his element” inside the rock.  most college campuses view him as some sort of hero and craig gross is the underdog.   there were quite a few “fans” of ron jeremy in attendance at the rock, but the packed sanctuary was clearly anti-pornography/pro craig gross.

craig gross is the founder of xxxchurch.com, a christian anti-pornography website that aims to help those who struggle with pornography overcome their addiction.  pastor miles moderated the nites event, and it was an often hilarious evening on a very serious topic.  i dont think the evening convinced either craig or ron to come to the others “side” but it was great to see so many folks who might not ordinarily come inside a church inside a church.

if you need help, check out xxxchurch.com

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