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God’s Time is On Time

A few years back I was visiting family in the Philippines., and on the TV they were running public service announcements with the then President Corazon Aquino, she was reminding everyone that “‘Filipino time’ is on time.”  

1987 Time Magazine Woman of the Year: President Corazon Aquino

I thought it was rather funny that it took the President of the Philippines to remind people to be on time.   In case your skin is lacking melanin(color), this may not make sense to you.  But i’ve been told by friends that they’re are other ethnic groups out there that have similar issues with timeliness.  That’s a good thing, since I have been known to have issues with being “on time.”

That’s why I subscribe to the philosophy that “when I get there, is when I get there.”  So I’m always on time!

Paul serving in Mexico with 2 Hermanas (Sisters in Christ)

This is Grady

The details are fuzzy and I may be off in my timeline., but that’s not what’s important here…

I met Grady back around in late 80’s when I was a wee lad.  He played a big role in how God called me to Himself.  Grady introduced me to Paul around the same time, when Paul came down to San Diego before heading off to the mission field in South America.  Paul spent was as a missionary in Colombia and Mexico for quite a few years.  

Paul and I kept in touch and when he was in San Diego and not in the field, we would spend many hours talking over coffee…

This is Dave

In 1992 Grady and Dave started Adventures in Life.  Dave was still a gringo back then so Paul became a key asset to AIL because of his Spanish speaking skills    I think I met Dave while visiting Grady in LA, don’t recall when exactly.

I took this photo of Ernie, his wife Joy and their daughter Adrienne this past weekend in Balboa Park.

I met Ernie back around 95/96.  Ernie, Paul, our friend Brett and I were in a men’s accountability group during this time. Fast forward a bit, next thing I know Ernie, Paul and Brett are now in LA and hanging out with Dave and helping with Adventures in Life.  I would see all these guys at least once a year when AIL would have their annual fundraiser banquet in Monrovia.

It was always my intention to get down to Mexico with Adventures in Life…and I almost made it on several occasions.  Almost…

Again, my details might not be 100% accurate but the important thing here is that God is in control and His timing is perfect!

Having spent the day with Ernie and his family, we laughed about the fact that I finally made it down to Mexico with Adventures in Life now that he, Paul and Brett (and Grady) are no longer actively involved.  Dave and I have had similar conversations recently…

I don’t confess to understand why either.  It would have made perfect sense for me to go down with Adventures in Life when all my friends were going as well.

What I do know is that it has been a blessing for me to have finally made it to Mexico!

I know that as a photographer, I was not ready back then…and that I have a better understanding now of how you can use photography to further the work of those in the mission field.

Are you using the gifts that God has given you for His glory?  Don’t wait to use your gifts for Him either.  Too many photographers think that they have to “make it” before they can do things for God.

God can use you if your heart is right with Him.

In the end it really is all about Jesus.

Be a blessing!