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Oaxaca 2012:: Final Video…Job Well Done!

It was a long week of work, fun, and fellowship…it’s great to see this final video taken inside the completed storage rooms that the men built during the week.

If you want to come and experience Oaxaca first hand this summer or with the men, next February, contact Dave Miller at Dave@AILMinistry.com     You can learn more about Adventures in Life ministries HERE

Adventures in Oaxaca…

Dave Miller, digging wells in Oaxaca

Dave Miller with Adventures in Life, friend of Mission focused, is back in Oaxaca drilling wells helping those in Oaxaca provide for themselves.  You can read about the work of Adventures in Life by going HERE.  You can read Dave’s latest post HERE.

We have been blessed to work with Adventures in Life the last few years…helping document the work of local pastors and missionaries as they minister to folks in Oaxaca.  You can go check out some of our photos and stories from Oaxaca HERE.

First Tax Deduction for 2012 :: The Greenhouse Gift That Keeps on Giving…

MISSION focused has partnered with Adventures in Life to help document in still images what God is doing in Oaxaca.  With the Christmas season coming to a close and the beginning of a New Year, we would like to share this awesome opportunity, once again, to not only help those in Oaxaca now, but to have your gift keep giving for years to come!

The Gift of a Greenhouse:  please read about sister Juana…

Everyday Juana will get up and start working. She will not get paid, but she will work hard. Finding a way to feed those that depend on her to provide for the family is her daily job.

Juana, who is about 60 years old, was born with a crippling disability in Oaxaca, Mexico. She is unable to work as she cannot stand, but over the years, has learned to get around on her badly deformed legs. She cares for her blind cousin and her 90 year old mother.
The rest of her family left her behind years ago, as caring for someone in her condition was just too difficult.
I wish I could say Juana was an exception where I serve. The reality is that everywhere I go in Oaxaca, I am confronted by poverty that is every bit as disabling as Juana’s leg condition.
Like Juana, the poor have been discarded. Decent people who, in the opinion of some, have outlived their usefulness are being left to scrounge for food, and starve if they cannot find it.

Adventures in Life and Harvesting Hope of Oregon, together with our local ministry partners in Oaxaca, have designed small 150 square foot personal greenhouses for people to have on their own land. These greenhouses allow a person to plant, grow and harvest fresh vegetables for their families.

They need your help to make this happen.
A gift of $400.00 for a micro-loan to a person like Juana will enable them to purchase a small personal greenhouse. We will go to their property, set up the greenhouse, help them plant it, offer the technical expertise we have learned on our farm, and stay connected to ensure the ongoing success of the greenhouse.
     Once the first crop comes in, the family then must begin repaying the loan, at $10.00 a month. They do this by selling part of the food harvested to their neighbors. After the loan is repaid, in approximately 40 months, we re-loan the capital to another family, keeping the cycle going. This ensures that your initial gift of $400.00 will continue to be loaned out and help change lives in Oaxaca.
     As we have talked to leaders in Oaxaca, they are convinced that we are onto something special here. People who we have never heard of are contacting us to ask about the greenhouses.
     Provided we get sufficient loan capital, we plan to roll the project out in February 2012. With a team of men on site in Tlacolula, we will be able to make all the IKEA like greenhouse packages, get them delivered and set up.
     Twenty-five individual or church gifts of $400.00 means we will be able to start with twenty-five families. Will you help?
     If you are interested in helping make a lasting difference in Oaxaca feel free to contact Dave at Adventures in Life…you can email him at info@ailministry.org

Sustainability Lessons from Oaxaca

This post was originally written after my first visit to Pastor Chable’s ranch in the Summer of 2010.  With my recent trip to Oaxaca and spending time on Pastor Chable’s ranch, I thought it would be good to show what God is doing in the area of Sustainability….I welcome your thoughts.

In this photo, of the farm of Pastor Chable, you can see left to right…the greenhouse where tomatoes and peppers are grown, in the middle 2 buildings that house chickens, turkeys and rabbits (for food), and on the right a field waiting to be planted with corn.

This is where the rabbits are housed.  The middle row of cages is where the breeding rabbits are.  in an effort to maintain the integrity and health of the rabbits, the University of Guadalajara’s agriculture dept has helped catalog and register the rabbits used for breeding here.  The male offspring are never introduced to any of the breeding females and unfortunately for the males, they usually are the first to be sold for food or invited to dinner…

What Pastor Chable is doing on his farm outside of Oaxaca, is selling rabbits for food to help pay for the upkeep of the rabbits, chickens, and turkeys.  He is also selling breeding “sets”.  A female will on average give birth to 10 rabbits, 4 times a year.  And if I remember correctly, each rabbit will yield about 4 kilos of meat.

For less than $150 US dollars, a farmer can purchase 1 male and 10 females, to begin raising rabbits for food and revenue.  With the formula of 1/10 a farmer will on average have 400 rabbits that he can use to feed his family, which means protein for life.  The rabbits also provide the farmer a way to help support his family, by the selling of rabbits.  The buzz word in missions lately is sustainability.  This is what Pastor Chable is doing…providing a way for locals to support their families.

While we may find it objectionable to eat Bugs Bunny, it’s a reality.  A friend recently reminded me that if we saw how most of our meat comes to the table, we would all be vegetarians.  If you would like to learn more of the process…and see photos you can go to HERE and enter the password: LIFE

**warning**     The images are graphic, showing rabbits that are being prepared  to be slaughtered for food.    If you are squeamish about that sort of thing, please dont go to the post.  But if you want to learn more about the good thats happening with the rabbits, feel free to go…

What’s sad to me is what I heard shared about churches in the states who are helping support the work in Oaxaca.  Some of the U.S. churches have stated that they would like Pastor Chable to only give meat to christians.  On occasion, famlies will come to Pastor Chable asking for meat to help feed their families.  He doesn’t turn down anyone needing help, with or without money.  Those of us visiting, thought it funny that these American churches in essence are asking Pastor Chable to not feed non christians, only to feed christians.  Those of us visiting thought this was funny…you want to help support the work in Oaxaca, but only to christians.  This is ridiculous.  But it happened.  Of course Pastor Chable  couldn’t abide by that request.

This opens up another can of worms that won’t be discussed here right now…that being, “do we have a right to tell those we are supporting financially how to use those funds?”


He does raise chickens and turkeys as well.  I was surprised to hear that turkeys are hard to raise…they eat lots and take too long to get big and plump (naturally), so its not worth it.  He keeps a few turkeys, like the dude above, cause they look good.  But the most bang for the peso (or buck) comes with the rabbits.

Pastor Chable sharing with the kids about the rabbits and the tomatoes they are growing…

This is corn that will be planted.  Another way to help local farmers produce a product they can take to market and support their families.

Irrigation lines in the corn field.  Adventures in Life is helping bring new farming techniques to local famers in Oaxaca to help them get the most from their crops.  Dave has brought down some folks from the states who are farmers, to help them share ideas…the big picture is to help locals be self sufficient, so they can support their families while staying in Oaxaca.  Like many areas in Mexico and Central and South America, the men have left their homes to search for employment to support their families…many coming to the U.S.  as  the local church in Oaxaca seeks to provide means for the men to produce corn and tomatoes on a small plot of land, and to raise rabbits, the hope is that they can stay with their families and keep the family together.  Which is much better than having the husbands thousands of miles away.

Pastor Chable with his family (minus their oldest son)

This trip was definitely eye opening, and a blessing to see what God is doing in Oaxaca, through men like Pastor Chable.   I look forward to seeing what God does as Adventures in Life continues to work in Oaxaca.  If you’d like more information about Adventures in Life, you can go HERE, I’m sure Dave would love to hear from you.

If you want to see more about sustainability and rabbits, you can go HERE and enter the password: LIFE

warning…warning… these images are graphic in nature, showing the slaughter of rabbits for food.  It’s real and it’s life.  It may not be suitable for children.

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