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Elizabeth :: Photographing in San Pedro Amatlan

This is Elizabeth.

I first met her in July, 2010 with Adventures in Life.  I was in Oaxaca, Mexico with Terry Schwartz, photographing with MISSION focused.  Pastor Chable’ hosts a camp for kids during the summers at his ranch.  He brings kids down from some of the surrounding towns in the mountains above Oaxaca.  Many of these kids never leave their little towns, and if not for this camp, most will never leave their town.

Me and Terry were there to photograph the week of camp, and take portraits of the kids so they could take the photos home as a memento of the week.  Many of the kids had never had their photo taken, or had a photo of themselves!

During the week of camp I noticed a few things about Elizabeth.  She had a beautiful smile with these great dimples, but she didn’t always smile.  She had maybe 2 or 3 pairs of clothes, which she rotated and mix & matched during the week.  This was typical of most of the kids that came from the mountain towns.  At times I would see her playing with the other kids, and other times she would be off by herself, like the photo above…

The camp was made up of kids from all parts of Oaxaca and a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds with ages ranging from 6 to 16.  The age difference made things interesting when it came to spending time with them and how the counselors would counsel them, but there were no real issues to worry about.

Fast forward to this Friday in San Pedro Amatlan, in the mountains surrounding Oaxaca.  Me and Cyndy are taking photos with the Medical Team, and taking family portraits as well.  

Elizabeth, with her friend.

Who do I see?   Elizabeth.

I asked if she remembered me, in what little Spanish I speak, and if she still had the photo we printed for her 2 years ago.  She said she still has the photo.  I dont’t think she remembers me, but I remembered her.  I was excited to see her and to know she is doing well in the little town of San Pedro Amatlan.  I asked her if she was coming to camp this summer?  She didn’t know.  That makes two of us.  We will see if I can make it up to camp in July.

Hopefully she will be able to add the photo above to her collection of photos.   What a blessing!