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Superfest 2012 :: More Photos Posted

What?!  Looking for more photos from this years Superfest at PLNU…Well you can go HERE or you can go to http://www.sdrock.com/photos/2012-01-28-superfest/


SUPERFEST is a free event put on by The Rock Church and Point Loma Nazarene University. Kids get to spend a day hanging out and learning from armature and pro athletes.  The Point Loma University’s students and The Rock volunteers were super great with the kids giving them a day they will always remember.

The pro athletes at SUPERFEST were Adrian Gonzalez, Heath Bell, Nick Hundley, Vincent Brown, Darrell Stuckey, Nick Novak, Chris Byrd, Frank Lestner, Rich Power, Bryan Jennings, and Jacques LaDouceur. The Olympians there were Allyson Felix, and Deitre Collins.

The Pro Athletes gave of their time to individually coach kids, talk with them, and sign autographs.

The athletes told the kids how their faith in Jesus changed them and made them  better people.  Pastor Miles shared about how to make Jesus a part of their lives and many of the kids responded and came forward. An event of this size is only possible because of a large number of dedicated volunteers, be sure to watch for ways you can help next year.

Superfest SD 2012

Superfest 2012 at Point Loma Nazarene University

Sports is a great platform to share the Good News of Christ!  Praise God for all the folks who came forward in response to the message of Life through Christ!  More photos soon…