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Spinning for Jesus…Cross Fader DJ Ministry

Yes!   a DJ Ministry

Cross Fader DJ ministry wants to share the Love of Christ with those who appreciate the sounds that come from 2 turntables, drum machines, mixers and lots of bass coming from very large speakers.   At the core of Cross Fader is a group of dedicated DJ’s who love Jesus and can be seen battling and mixing in and around San Diego.

You can learn more about Cross Fader HERE.

They had their first official event as a ministry of the Rock Church not to long ago, I had some fun photographing up close and personal…unfortunately I forgot my ear plugs!  huh!?

DJ’s need Jesus too!

You can see more photos from Cross Fader DJ ministry HERE.

Rock Academy Winter Formal

A few of this year’s Class of 2012 

Rock Academy had their winter formal last Saturday, “Masquerade Ball” was the theme.It was a fun evening, and some of the students actually dressed for the evenings theme.  Take a look at some of the fun from Saturday night…more photos soon

You can see more photos on our Facebook page HERE…while your there, make sure you “LIKE” us