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Abby Sunderland

Yesterday I was at the San Diego Christian Film Festival helping document the event by taking photos. I was privileged to meet Abby Sunderland, who last year at only sixteen attempted to sail around the world nonstop. We all heard her plight on the news when she was in the middle of the Indian Ocean and her boat was totally disabled by a rouge wave that rolled her 360 degrees.

At the time many others and I were thinking how could any family let their sixteen year old undertake such an adventure?  Well, as a mother it is still hard to imagine but after talking with Abby, hearing her faith in God and learning more about her family it makes better sense. There was a teenager in the audience that asked Abby if she thinks it is more valuable for kids to have parents that let them be adventurous, her response was she thought all kids should grow up living on a sailboat like she did. I don’t know if the teenager was trying to convince his parents to let him do something they did not want him to do; but it made me think about how we as parents should put our children in God’s hands and trust Him to take care of them.

Abby with two of her friends

To read more about Abby and her documentary film go to her site: http:abbysunderland.com

Today is the last day of the Film Festival, for more information click HERE

seen at SD Christian Film Festival

Helping document the SD Christian Film Festival at La Jolla Marriott…the Chick-fi-la cow and Abby Sunderland.  Abby was at the film festival promoting her documentary film Wild Eyes, about her adventures trying to solo sail across the earth.  You can learn more about Abby and her documentary at her site,  abbysunderland.com.

You can learn more about Chick-fil-a at Chick-fil-a.com

Tomorrow is the last day of the  SD Christian Film Festival…go check it out!