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Summer Camp

Adios Oaxaca!

This was our set up in 2010 when Terry Schwartz and brotherjoe first came down to Oaxaca for Summer Camp.  We brought 2 compact HP Printers to print 4×6 portraits of the kids at camp.  Since then we have been down to Oaxaca for Summer Camp 3 of the last 4 years and we have learned a lot about how much gear we need to bring.  We definitely used to bring too much back then.

This year, with 2 Summer Camps back to back, it’s been a busy week and half.  We now leave one of the printers in Oaxaca, so we don’t have to bring it down with us anymore.

The kids are just as cute as they were in 2010!  And the blessings are just as huge.  Amazingly, there are still kids who have never had their photo taken! That’s why we come to Oaxaca.

Tonight brotherjoe heads off to new territory for Mission Focused….Guadalajara!

We have never photographed on mission there, so it’s gonna be exciting!!

Adios Oaxaca!  Cya soon.


Baptism at AMP’D Summer Camp

one of my favorite things about camp is when they give the kids a chance to publicly proclaim their faith through baptism.  the night before many of the kids came forward, to either re-commit their lives or make first time decisions for Jesus.  a few of the leaders took the opportunity to be baptized as well.  Praise God!  what a great way to finish camp…

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half way there…tuesday at AMP’D

tuesday at ampd was all about sharing “MY” story.  the boys and girls were separated  for most of the day, as they learned about submission to God and the freedom we have when we finally surrender everything to Christ…

how you demonstrate submission to boys is a little different than the girls…

pastor tommy sharing jiu jitsu references in the Bible…and how we need to surrender to God

stevie sharing with the gals

stevie shared a powerful illustration of how issues the girls are dealing with can be a burden to them and can become a hindrance to their relationship with God.  only by surrendering to God and giving Him everything will they experience total freedom!richard, AMPDs resident magician/entertainer, amazing the lunch time crowd with a card trick

belly flop contest!

practicing submission skills in the pool

free time fun!!

worshiping under the stars!

after worship the boys and girls were separated again.  pastor mingo shared with the boys and his wife fallon shared with the gals

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2011 AMPD Summer Camp:: Day 1

rock jr hi ministry is back up at indian hills camp for this years edition of AMPD summer camp.

mark, the brave man that he is decided to come up last nite and spend the day with over a 140 crazy jr highers…

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Sunday at Epic Summer Camp

one of the great things at the end of summer camp is when the students get a chance to share what God has done and some of the lessons they will take with them down the hill.  its also a chance for those who made commitments to Christ to get baptized in front of their  classmates.

pastor mark with the class of 2011 graduates

rock epic 2011 summer camp!

rock epic summer camp leaders

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Epic Summer Camp: Saturday

saturday morning was full of activity, starting with morning devotionals and worship, leading into small group time.  after lunch, group games on the field and more small group time.  they finished the day with worship & God’s Word.

you can see more photos from the weekend at www.MISSIONfocused.smugmug.com

epic summer camp: homesick

i love camp.  it was at camp that i heard the call of Christ and began my walk with Jesus…its been at camp that ive had the honor to walk with young men as they first made commitments to Jesus…and its been at camp that i have had the privilege to document the work of the Holy Spirit as He worked  and moved in the lives of the leaders & counselors as they shared their lives with jr and sr hi students over the years.

ive lost track of how many times ive been to camp…but every camp experience is different and God never ceases to amaze me as i get to witness His Grace and Mercy in action!


chad w his daughter

there was a young man, he looked like he might be going into his freshman year…not sure.  i saw him several times crying…someone said he was homesick…for the sake of this post lets say he was.

as i watched, i was impressed by how many of his fellow students came to comfort him.  the idea of being homesick stuck with me the rest of the weekend.

this wasnt the first time ive seen kids be “homesick,” it happens fairly frequently.  why it made an impression on me more this time i dont really know why… what i do know is what God revealed to me.

i like the photos above because it reminds me that i need to remember who i am in God.  i am a child of God.  no matter what comes my way, my Dad is still in charge and right there beside me.   and i need to remember that as fun as camp can be and as adventurous as life is, with God…i am just a visitor here.  this is my temporary home (to steal a line from carrie underwood).  and maybe i need to be more homesick.

as i really thought about the concept of being homesick, what comes to mind is a desire to be somewhere where we belong, a place of safety.   it really is a better place.  as followers of Christ, our home is in Heaven, with Jesus.  i think sometimes we get to comfortable here on earth.  as if this is all there is, this is as good as it gets.  we know this isnt true from God’s Word, and that whats to come is much better,  philippians 1:21  to live is Christ and to die is gain.

luke 14:26  If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters–yes, even his own life–he cannot be my disciple.

our love for God and our desire to be with Him, must be so great that it looks like we hate everything else in comparison.

when was the last time you were homesick?