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Summer Camp

Adios Oaxaca!

This was our set up in 2010 when Terry Schwartz and brotherjoe first came down to Oaxaca for Summer Camp.  We brought 2 compact HP Printers to print 4×6 portraits of the kids at camp.  Since then we have been down to Oaxaca for Summer Camp 3 of the last 4 years and we have learned a lot about how much gear we need to bring.  We definitely used to bring too much back then.

This year, with 2 Summer Camps back to back, it’s been a busy week and half.  We now leave one of the printers in Oaxaca, so we don’t have to bring it down with us anymore.

The kids are just as cute as they were in 2010!  And the blessings are just as huge.  Amazingly, there are still kids who have never had their photo taken! That’s why we come to Oaxaca.

Tonight brotherjoe heads off to new territory for Mission Focused….Guadalajara!

We have never photographed on mission there, so it’s gonna be exciting!!

Adios Oaxaca!  Cya soon.

Baptism at AMP’D Summer Camp

one of my favorite things about camp is when they give the kids a chance to publicly proclaim their faith through baptism.  the night before many of the kids came forward, to either re-commit their lives or make first time decisions for Jesus.  a few of the leaders took the opportunity to be baptized as well.  Praise God!  what a great way to finish camp…

you can see more photos on our facebook page by going HERE

you can see all the baptism photos (in hi res format) from this special day

by going to the following link


half way there…tuesday at AMP’D

tuesday at ampd was all about sharing “MY” story.  the boys and girls were separated  for most of the day, as they learned about submission to God and the freedom we have when we finally surrender everything to Christ…

how you demonstrate submission to boys is a little different than the girls…

pastor tommy sharing jiu jitsu references in the Bible…and how we need to surrender to God

stevie sharing with the gals

stevie shared a powerful illustration of how issues the girls are dealing with can be a burden to them and can become a hindrance to their relationship with God.  only by surrendering to God and giving Him everything will they experience total freedom!richard, AMPDs resident magician/entertainer, amazing the lunch time crowd with a card trick

belly flop contest!

practicing submission skills in the pool

free time fun!!

worshiping under the stars!

after worship the boys and girls were separated again.  pastor mingo shared with the boys and his wife fallon shared with the gals

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2011 AMPD Summer Camp:: Day 1

rock jr hi ministry is back up at indian hills camp for this years edition of AMPD summer camp.

mark, the brave man that he is decided to come up last nite and spend the day with over a 140 crazy jr highers…

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more photos soon….

Sunday at Epic Summer Camp

one of the great things at the end of summer camp is when the students get a chance to share what God has done and some of the lessons they will take with them down the hill.  its also a chance for those who made commitments to Christ to get baptized in front of their  classmates.

pastor mark with the class of 2011 graduates

rock epic 2011 summer camp!

rock epic summer camp leaders

new photos from sunday are being added…please visit


Epic Summer Camp: Saturday

saturday morning was full of activity, starting with morning devotionals and worship, leading into small group time.  after lunch, group games on the field and more small group time.  they finished the day with worship & God’s Word.

you can see more photos from the weekend at www.MISSIONfocused.smugmug.com

epic summer camp: homesick

i love camp.  it was at camp that i heard the call of Christ and began my walk with Jesus…its been at camp that ive had the honor to walk with young men as they first made commitments to Jesus…and its been at camp that i have had the privilege to document the work of the Holy Spirit as He worked  and moved in the lives of the leaders & counselors as they shared their lives with jr and sr hi students over the years.

ive lost track of how many times ive been to camp…but every camp experience is different and God never ceases to amaze me as i get to witness His Grace and Mercy in action!


chad w his daughter

there was a young man, he looked like he might be going into his freshman year…not sure.  i saw him several times crying…someone said he was homesick…for the sake of this post lets say he was.

as i watched, i was impressed by how many of his fellow students came to comfort him.  the idea of being homesick stuck with me the rest of the weekend.

this wasnt the first time ive seen kids be “homesick,” it happens fairly frequently.  why it made an impression on me more this time i dont really know why… what i do know is what God revealed to me.

i like the photos above because it reminds me that i need to remember who i am in God.  i am a child of God.  no matter what comes my way, my Dad is still in charge and right there beside me.   and i need to remember that as fun as camp can be and as adventurous as life is, with God…i am just a visitor here.  this is my temporary home (to steal a line from carrie underwood).  and maybe i need to be more homesick.

as i really thought about the concept of being homesick, what comes to mind is a desire to be somewhere where we belong, a place of safety.   it really is a better place.  as followers of Christ, our home is in Heaven, with Jesus.  i think sometimes we get to comfortable here on earth.  as if this is all there is, this is as good as it gets.  we know this isnt true from God’s Word, and that whats to come is much better,  philippians 1:21  to live is Christ and to die is gain.

luke 14:26  If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters–yes, even his own life–he cannot be my disciple.

our love for God and our desire to be with Him, must be so great that it looks like we hate everything else in comparison.

when was the last time you were homesick?

Epic Summer Camp has Begun

EPIC{rock high school ministry} Summer Camp is this weekend and guess where im at…you can see more photos on our facebook site

rock epic san diego summer camp

summer camp was a blast.  check out this video they made…then you can go to the rock website to see the photo gallery or just go HERE


AMPD Summer Camp…still ministering

we received this comment yesterday from a gal who went to jr hi AMPD summer camp, i thought it would be better if this was posted, so more folks can see the results of all the hard work the jr high leaders put in this past summer. thanks gianna for sharing.  blessings.

From Gianna S.

I think that camp was the best thing that happened to me for a few reasons:
1. It DEFINATELY helped me grow in my walk with God.
-It helped me because the leaders would let you pull them aside and just talk about ANYTHING I felt that way more comfortable talking with the leaders and my friends from camp than I do/did feel talking with my friends from school.
-It also helped me because tuesday was probably the MOST EMOTIONAL day of my life and it was partially because of that I felt more comfortable around other people and why my eyes are now open wider than EVER before!

2. Because I made sooooo many new friends there. To tell you the truth I am VERY shy and quiet…. That is until you get to know me then I will tell you a ton of stories laugh at the STUPIDEST  things and just be crazy, wierd, and just plain all out. Because of tuesday evening I know that I have more in common with other girls than I could have EVER imagined!

3. Camp just opened my eyes soooo much in the short time I was there now I am trying to do more for and with the church. I am going to a homegroup in Linda Vista on tuesdays and am starting my own in point loma on wednesdays, I go to Friday Night Live every week, I want to start going to every service on sundays to start helping out more and just getting involved and DOING SOMETHING! I realized just yesterday (Sunday Sept. 20th 2009) that the more I listen to a lesson the more I understand it and the more comfortable I feel around people. I realized this because when I went to the ten I just went and did what I normally do just sit in the back and listen not answer any questions not volunteer to read verses just opening my bible reading the verses and laughing with all of the other junior highers and I realized that I wanted to stay for the twelve for the first time so I asked my she said sure so I played carpet ball while I waited for everyone to start coming for the service and while I was waiting for it to start I met 3 or four new people that were SUPER nice and during the twelve I answered a question in the service for the FIRST Time and so I went home between the 12 and the five and when I came back I was outside until service started and I realized we were late for worship and so I hurried down the hall and I was in such a hurry that I passed the door so I pretty much did a painful skidding u-turn and walked quickly to a seat in the back and just started singing along and during the five I read a verse thanks to Michelle and Megan, and I also answered the same question and just felt like I learned more and more each time and felt more and more confident too. So thank you leaders and all my camp friends for helping me in my walk with God!


today was the first day of school for the rock academy.  seems like ive been goin non-stop for most of summer.  one event after the other, then editing lots of pics (when i have the time).  yesterday at church marked the end of summer in my mind.  with today being the academy’s first day back, and takin pics at school and editing pics at the same time from jr hi camp… and then reflecting back on nick’s message at church…then processing what i saw at camp last week on top of all that.  im excited about what ive seen, and blessed as i think of the privilege ive been given to document what God is doing at the rock.

i just finished editing down the pics from camp, between terry and i we took 5458 pics during the week.  it took me several days of looking at the pics, deciding which pics best represented the week, and told the story of AMP’D.  as i was looking at the pics, it brought back lots of fun memories…and seeing the kids again as they worshipped, goofed around, played games and learned more about Jesus…man, i love taking pics of this stuff!  i am truly blessed.

the pics are loading and as soon as the galleries are ready, i will let yall know.  ive edited the pics for the week. so it wont take you all day to look at all of them.

blessings, bjoe

UPDATE:  to see the edit of camp pics please go HERE

2nd Video from AMP’D Summer Camp

nate just p0sted the 2nd video we showed the kids at camp…

Thursday at AMP’D

Last night after Pastor D preached and there were prayers with counselors a Jr. High boy ran up to me excited and proclaimed loudly that he had excepted Christ, and the next morning during Chapel again  proclaimed his newfound faith in Christ to everyone. And a few moments later two young girls proclaimed their status as BFF’s, Best Friends Forever. For twenty minutes boy’s and girls got up and testified how camp had impacted them and how many made decisions for Jesus.

The day was for the most part light and fun with the counselors joining in crazier than the kids.

I think worship took on a whole new meaning after Wednesday nights salvations.

mo camper blogs…

Today(wednesday) was so fun!  We still continued to play games with just boys & girls.  The first game we played today was called human foosball!  It was pretty much like soccer because you pass the ball to other teammates and then make a goal.   but you couldn’t take your hands off the rope.  The second game we played was frustrating!  Everyone took a turn playing and it was so fun!  What we did in that game was put a box over our head, spin around 5 times and then try to go straight to our cone and back.  Finally, the third game we played was with a giant blown up ball and we had to try to push the ball to our side whenever the leader called our number we were given.  Some people fell over trying to make a point!  Then, later on, we went to the ampitheater and did worhship.  About half the crowd decided that they wanted to be saved and become christians!  It was so cool just to see people give up their lives for the Lord.  At the end of the night, we all sat around and watched Nacho Libre!  that was about my fifth time watching that movie but it was still fun to watch it with all of my friends…Well tomorrow is our full last day here at camp and I can’t wait to see what we do tomorrow!

Sincerely,  Melisa R.

Today(wednesday) for camp we had a continuation of the team games.  But the boys and girls were seperate for these games.  We had 3 different games again.  The first game was human fooseball.  It was tons of fun!  It was just like fooseball but there were people that played.  The second game was the box game.  It was fun too!  You had to put a cardboard box over your head, spine around 5 times, and then run to the cone on the one end of the field and bak.  Your team could help you by yelling what direction to go.  It was also quite difficult because it was hard to hear your team.  The last game was with a huge blow up ball.  It was kinda like steal the bacon.  But is was quite difficult because everyone was pushing the ball in their direction.  All these games were extremely fun!  We even won them all!  I hope to write more soon!

Sincerely,  Brianna C.

video from camp!

check out this video that the kids saw yesterday….footage from day 1 and 2.  just posted on youtube, but you can see it here. (hopefully)  enjoy

more camper blogs from AMP’D

Camp is amazing.  Every morning there is morning devotion to get us pumped up for the day.  We then eat an amazing breakfast then we have morning worship.  After that we have small group time to get to know each other more.  Then we all chill at the dining hall for a nutritious lunch.  We also have group games to earn points for out team which is awesome.  Then we have free time for 2 hours to do whatever.  Then we eat dinner.  Then we have a night worship and devo.  We then finish the night out with an awesome game.  Camp is an amazing place and it is fun learning more about God and growing in our godly relationships.      -CameronCameron, always a smile on his face


So far camp has been amazing!  The theme of the camp is AMP’D. A is for acknowledge, M is for matujrity, P is for personal relationship (with Jesus), and D is for “Do Something.”  They have all been challenging subjects, and I am sure that the rest of the week will be amazing/challenging for me and my cabin. 

Indian Hills has been an amazing experience for me and my friends.  If you didn’t get the chance to go to camp this year I definitely recommend going next year.

Peace out-  Joel A.

matt with his cabin of young men, joel is in the middle w the big grin & red hat


Today (Tuesday) was our second day of camp.  It was all girls day!  The boys and girls were seperated for the day.  We had awesome competitions!  We had 3 different games!   The first game was a water relay!  We had to swim from one end to the other and then we had to push this weight ball to the other end without using our hands, it was hard!  The second game we had to run and get a mouthful of root beer and then we had to spit it into an empty bottle.  After we filled it half way, we had to drink it!  It was disgusting!  The last game was another water game.  We had to get into a hamster ball and got pushed byh 3 people from 1 end of the pool to the other.  We ended up winning 2 out of the 3 games.  Later on, when it was dark outside we went into the barn (meeting room) and got into a circle.  It really opened my eyes and it was very emotional.  Many people were cryhing.   They asked really personal questions.  Then we stayed up til 11:30pm singing and dancing to random songs.. though this day was very sad, by the end of the day we really enjoyed having fun.  Camp has been an awesome experience! 

Bye for now, Brianna C.


Tuesday was our official 2nd dayof camp!  Boys and girls were seperate for the whole day.  During that time, we had 3 really fun games!  The first one was a race in the pool.  Basically, the first team to finish swimming to the other side of the pool and back with a small weight was the winner.  But the catch was you couldn’t use your hands to help you.  The second game the purple team (my team) played was pretty gross!  The sad part is that we had to use my favorite soda…rootbeer!  What we had to do was run and get a huge mouthful of rootbeer and then run back and spit it into another container.  Afterwards, two of our team-mates had to drink all the soda that everyone spit!  It was hard to watch my two team-mates drink everyone else’s backwash, but it was still fun!   Finally, the last game we played was once again in the pool.  I liked this game the most because we were in hampster balls on water!  The first team to finish 10 people across the pool and back was the winner.  So far i’ve had fun at camp and can’t wait until tomorrow!

A camper at Indian Hills,  Melisa R

wednesday at AMP’D

wednesday was a long day.  the day ended with lots of kids standing up and coming forward…hearing the call of Christ wanting a Personal relationship with Jesus!  Wow! a great way to finish off the day.

Connecting with God

Today the most significant thing was the worship and seeking of GOD. Whether it was the boys in the cool of the garden reading the Word and praying or kids weeping after an encounter with Jesus at the end of Pastor D’s sermon. There were a lot of GOD connections today.


Happy Campers

in an effort to show whats happening at camp through our pictures, we also want for yall to get a glimpse of what the campers are doing and feeling….so here are 2 more fabulous rock jr highers sharing their thoughts from camp

Monday I got to ride the zip line at free time.  It was so much fun!!  It gave me butterflies when we had to jump off.  Then I let go!  It was exciting.  I felt the wind in my hair.  It was awesome!  We also had team competitions.  I am on the purple team.  The game was extremely difficult.  The whole team had to layout and pass on the mattresses.  But then you had to go back to the start line with someone actually ON the mattress.  I was the lucky person!  I was just gliding on the mattress.  It was so much fun!!  Then the second round there were 2 people on the mattress, THAT on the other hand was a LOT harder!  I kept on falling off the mattress and our team could barely pull us!  So far camp has been a blast!  Hope to write more later into the week!                           

Sincerely, Brianna C.

brianna giving mom 1 last hug before heading off to AMP’D

Today (Monday), our second day of camp, I went on the famous zip line!  It was so fun!  The funnest part was when  I slid off the ledge where I got really nervous!  Another thing I enjoyed was the worship with 330 Plan.  It was so cool that everyone could just open up and worship God without being worried of standing out.  Afterwards, we played a night gave in the darkness!  The game we played was Mission Impossible and the point of the game is to get to a target without the leaders flashing their flashlights at you…the blue team ended up getting the most points in the game.  So far camp has been really fun and I’m looking forward to more fun activities!

 Sincerely, Melissa R.

melissa and brianna     …everything is fine!

Rock AMP’D day 3

tuesday was a day for the kids to learn more about Maturity…that’s the M in AMP’d.  with the exception of meals and free time, the guys and gals spent the day of team activities, games, meetings, and worship seperated.  allowing the leaders to pour into the kids without the distraction of boys or girls…it was another powerful day of God working in the lives of the kids!  these are just a few of the pics we took on tuesday.

to see pics from monday please go HERE

Pics from Rock AMP’D Are All Posted!!


to view more pics from this weeks camp please check the links for each day below.  we are loading pics as fast as we can and when we have time, which usually means around 11pm or so…but we are blessed and we hope yall are too!

SUNDAY pictures                 MONDAY pictures                  TUESDAYS pictures

          WEDNESDAY pictures                                       THURSDAY pictures

                       FRIDAY baptism pictures           FRIDAY pictures

***All the pics from camp have been loaded!  Finally!  Several thousand pics, should keep your AMP’D kids  occupied for awhile. 

UPDATE: we just posted pics on the Rock website, edited down, so it wont take all day to view.  please go HERE to view.

God is Awesome

The day began and was filled with laughter and the joy of just being young and alive, with interrupted with random acts of kindness and the sharing of a heart filled with love that comes from a meeting with the Lord.

The boys were, as they often are, teasing, challenging and being competitive, but at the same time willing to jump in with another team and encourage them across the finish line.

The girls were very different, not afraid to cry and always eager to hug and be compassionate to one another, it’s awesome.


But the most touching moment for me was with a boy and his counselor.  During the hike as the sun set a young boy who had difficulty walking had a counselor close by knell down and lifted him up on his back and carried him up the mountain. I thought as I observed this, isn’t it like Jesus who carries us when the burdens of life over whelm us and we can’t go on any further.

What an ending to an awesome day with some awesome kids.

***to see pics from monday please go HERE***

monday nite worship….wow!

330 Plan lead us in worship sunday nite, mon moring and mon nite.  they are a talented group of musicians who get to travel and share their passion for worship at camps all summer long.  they lead worship 2 years ago, and it was good to see them again.  sun and mon morning was good, but tonite was different.  they worshipped and danced tonite, like sunday nite, but after pastor mingo shared tonite, 330 Plan lead us in a few more songs and it seemed to “click.”  the kids really began to worship, and it was powerful!  “wow”  is the only word i could think of as i was watching what God was doing….Praise God!

Pictures from Day 2

early morning fog still lingering, some of the gals gathering for morning devo’s….about 7am.    these pics are just a few that terry and i took today…. enjoy.

***PICS from sunday have been posted. look HERE to see***

steve sharing the morning message

mingo, one of the 1825 pastors, was mon evenings speaker

we hope to have more pics from camp online soon…UPDATE!  pictures from sunday are now up.  please go HERE to see sundays pics.  monday coming soon.