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Sean Burgess

iaomai guatemala 2011

its almost 1050pm (local time) in huehuetanengo guatemala.  sitting in the hospital loading photos and processing the last 36 hours.   the flight went relatively smoothly with only a few hiccups as our plane left dallas late and we were missing 3 medical bags.

my first God moment came on the plane leaving san diego for dallas.  i noticed the gal sitting next to me was crying as we were taking off…after the plane got cruising i started talking with her.  she is in the army and was leaving her fiance’ who is in the navy, stationed in san diego.   my first reaction was its been ages since i cried for someone…for that matter, had someone to cry over, but thats another story all together…

i started thinking about how much God cares for me.  and how much He cares for the people of guatemala.  thats why were here….

IAOMAI   \ee-ah’-om-ahee\

Iaomai Medical Ministries is based on the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. The Scripture describes the ministry of Jesus as a compassionate outpouring of the love of God on the sick and impoverished. The word “physician” comes from the Greek “iatros,” and the verbal form of the word is “iaomai,” meaning, to heal and to cure. “Iaomai,“ which sounds like “ee-ah-o-my,” was used in Scripture for physical healing as well as healing of the soul. This is the distinct emphasis of Iaomai Medical Ministries: to share of the love of God in a practical way to the poor through the gift of modern medicine.

im truly blessed to be here and am excited to see what God is going to do and have the honor of being “eyes” for the rest of the body of Christ to see what God is doing…love it!  thanks sean for inviting me to be part of iaomai guatemala.  take a look at some of the photos and please keep us in your prayers.

melinda and mary

cyndy and kelly getting to know each other at dallas-ftworth airport

welcome to guatemala

im unarmed…cyndy has my canon!a section of twisty road from guatemala city to huehuearriving at the army base in huehue…folks lined up already!

cyndy is blogging on the IAOMAI site as well, you can read stories from this week HERE

Iaomai Medical Ministries – Guatemala Mission

Just dropped Brother Joe off at the airport to meet up with the team from Iaomai Medical Ministries. After praying and saying goodbye to my friend it left me thinking of how I wish He had called me to participate in this mission. I’ve been wanting to cover Sean Burgess along with Iaomai for quite a while. The last time I worked with the medical mission was too long along ago in Jamaica in 2008. It was an experience that will live with me forever and often I wonder if I was more blessed or the people that we served. I’m excited for the opportunity that Joe and Cyndy have before them to document the work going on in Guatemala. The work will be difficult and I’m sure the line started a week or two ago to receive help but to witness the blessings and His work will be awesome.

We encourage you to learn more about Iaomai through the links below. Also there will be regular status updates right here on Mission-Focused as well. We also would like to ask for prayer for the people of Guatemala, the doctors, nurses, and other volunteers, as well as for Joe and Cyndy that their journey is a safe one and that He gives them the strength, ability, and assistance they will need for this opportunity.

Iaomai Medical Ministries

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Rock Hero: Sean Burgess – God’s Healer…

Sean Burgess was honored as Rock Hero today and when I heard he was going to receive an award a flood of memories came back from Jamaica.  I may not know Sean personally but I had the occasion to talk with him a few times while in Jamaica.  If it wasn’t for Sean I would have missed out on some major life  changing experiences.

One of the days I was covering events for Miles Ahead, I had the pleasure of working with the med team assigned to the Flankers Bible Church serving the local community with their medical and most importantly their spiritual needs.  The med team partnered up with locals from the church and had a sign in table up front where people came who were in need.  They went through a triage process and after some basic information was taken as well as vitals, proceeded into  one of two makeshift rooms that were setup with blue tarp near the altar.  After receiving care for their physical ailments they then would proceed to get spiritual counseling and then medication if needed from the pharmacy that was setup in another room.  Watching this team in action blessing people who very much needed their care was truly inspiring.  I even had the opportunity to sit and pray with a couple of people during this moment in time that I will remember the rest of my life.

I am forever in Sean’s debt for having recognized and setup this ministry to care for people in need of medical care.  He provided me with experiences that only God could have provided through him.  Thank you Sean and thank you God for picking him to work through!  I hope to find myself working along side you again in the future, God willing!

Loading up the buses with medical supplies for Jamaica…

Sean giving some last minute direction before breaking up into teams for the four med clinics…

Rock Hero…

Sean receiving award…

Sean quietly giving directions in the background while loading the buses in Jamaica…

Can’t head out to do God’s work without a little prayer…

Makeshift pharmacy setup with over $250,000 in donations…

Girls from the Flankers Bible Church and one of them taking a rare picture of me…

Roxi showing the kids how to use a  stethoscope…

The Miles Ahead Medical Team @ The Flankers Bible Church

Want to learn more about how to help?  Check out the medical ministry website at http://iaomaimedical.org/


Jim Wanglund

Rock Photographer

Iaomai Medical Ministries

want to introduce yall to iaomai medical ministries

iaomai means to heal and to cure, to make whole both physically and spiritually, thru the wounds of Jesus!

sean burgess started iaomai medical ministries after the miles ahead jamaica crusade and the do something campaign. check out the following videos, it will give you an idea of what God is doing and how He is using iaomai to minister around the world.

part of the vision of the rock photographers is to use photography to partner and help other ministries like iaomai and adventures in life to minister and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.  photography is fun and using photography to glorify Christ….it doesnt get any better than that.

now go pick up your camera and shoot something for Jesus…