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Rock Outreach

Rock n the Hood

check out some of the pics terry and mark took at the memorial park outreach last saturday.

pastor shawn

below is an email pastor shawn sent out, i thought its worth sharing alongside some of the pics that terry and mark took that saturday.   to see more pics from the outreach please go HERE

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share with my family some high lights to our first inner city Rock N the Hood outreach. There are many things to say and share, but I will like to tell you about a beautiful moment I had with a local gang member.  When we first arrived about 1030AM in the morning there were a few Hispanic gang members already at the park.  I introduced my self, spoke with them for about 5 minutes, asked them to stay and gave them my business card.  About an hour into the outreach I heard a man call my name…it was edmundo, one of the gang members that was at the park earlier.  As tears were swelling up in his eyes he began to confess all the bad things he had done and how he just got out of county jail.  I shared the Gospel with him and asked if he would like to get on his knees and pray with me.  He then got on his knees and accepted Jesus Christ into his life.  Many of our volunteers had similar stories to share.  When we did our Altar Call near the end of the outreach and many kids and families came forward to receive Christ. I have attached some pictures to share with everyone…I hope you enjoy!  Please pray for Rock N the Hood Gang ministry as we are planning our next outreach already.  Many other Highlights are below…

70-75 Volunteers
37 Saved
over 150 Toys given away
368 People feed
450-500 People at event

An experience…

Two years ago was literally my first Rock Photography experience… I felt almost – well – lost… My shots were out of focus, off in composition, it was a learning experience… It was Toys for Joy 2007. I thank God for that opportunity. I grew so much as a photographer and truthfully got to see how documenting where God is working can be so amazing… Today– as a Rock Photographer – it has been unbelievable. And now, 2009, not only has our photo ministry grown, but so has Toys for Joy – in every way possible… I had a great time and it was truly great to be a witness…

That last one says it all for me – cut away all the distractions – the massive amounts of people, the piles of toys and clothes, the rain…. heck even the color in the picture!… to a child it didn’t matter… they are just so drawn by the one gift that they get to come away with… it was the feeling that whatever their personal situation, this is the thing that mattered in this moment… that was their moment.

Toys For Joy: The reason for it all…

Amazing how everyone both guests and volunteers, braved the cold and rain to make this a successful event.  The main focus of course was to help those in need at this special time of the year.  The look of anticipation on the kids faces was more than enough reward for me but even more important was the lives that were changed  A simple gesture of the giving of ones time, some toys, clothes, food, and/or prayer are all that He asks of us.  But how often He gives us so much more back in the interactions we have with others while sharing the love He intended us to use.  We don’t ask for any anything in return for our gestures of good will but God always surprises us with what we least expect.  May God work on your heart this Christmas and as we rush around, try to remember that there are many who need our love and support.

In Him,

Jim Wanglund


These are what I will remember from Toys for Joy.  I started shooting early in the morning and faces were what my camera was drawn to. The emotion was real. I usually always shoot in color and then convert to Black and White during editing. For some reason I felt as though I needed to view this event in Black and White, so that nothing would distract me from the emotion taking place around me. Here were some of  the emotions I witnessed throughout the event.

Relief:  As a parent I know the joy of giving something to my son. Their expressions are worth anything in this world. At the event I witnessed relief in the faces of parents who would do anything to make their kids smile. The fact that they had the opportunity to do this through Toys for Joy gave them a feeling of peace during a very stressful time of year. This relief brought smiles to their faces that matched their children’s.

Compassion:  The volunteers at this event were amazing. Everyone showed up with a heart to serve, no task was underneath anyone and it showed. It was cold, wet and muddy, but you wouldn’t know that if you just saw the faces of those serving.

Humility:  Once again on the faces of those serving. As a volunteer I just wished there was more that I could do for these families.

Joy:  Nothing beats the smile of children. I loved catching their faces as they stood in line, some were excited, others were shy. however no child left the event without a smile on their face. What child doesn’t love the chance to go crazy in the rain, and for that reason I understand why God doesn’t need to hold back the rain when Toys for Joy comes to town.

At the end of the day my body definitely let me know I did something, and I couldn’t help but smile.

Do Something Southeast San Diego Community Project

Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself. Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others. –Philippians 2:3-4

I am reminded of how our hearts should be like when we’re out serving others after reading this verse. Last Saturday, I had the privileged to witness the work of one of three sites that the Rock Church committed to serve for the Do Something Community Project.  Coming out at the Camino Del Sol site, I was blessed that among the believers serving the community, not one person grumbled about the work they were doing. In fact, they were all smiling! From the youngest to the old, each one carried a smile, a smile that was evidence that we serve a kind, loving, and awesome God. If you haven’t done any of these outreaches yet, I encourage you do Do Something when an opportunity comes up again!

Here are a few that had something to say about their experience at the Camino Del Sol site:

Giving a place a fresh coat of paint is always nice. It’s also nice to see people gather together and Do Something! Someone has to take the initiative, or else people end up becoming complacent and won’t see the need around them. One reason why my husband and I got married was because we shared the same interest in doing community projects around the community. There is always something to do when we make ourselves available to do it. -Amy Todorovich

The experience here at the Camino Del Sol cleaning site was a huge blessing. We picked up bagfuls of trash, and it’s nice to be able to fellowship among believers and get to know new believers here at The Rock through these outreaches. -Lori Faley, mother of a senior daughter at The Rock Academy

I painted inside the recreation and it was a lot of fun!! It’s always a neat experience to meet people you haven’t met before and having your time with God while helping others. -Tracey Olson, mother of a junior daughter at the Rock Academy

Going to the Rock Church for 6 years now, it meant a lot to us when the Rock decided to Do Something here at the southeast community. We live only 5 minutes away from this recreation center and we come walking here a lot, so it’s nice to help make a difference and beautify this center. Serving with believers out here and blessing others with what the Lord has blessed us with already is always a privilege and a blessing. And it’s good to always do it in love. -Kia Lee and Dao Vang, husband and wife

I felt good helping the community with my mom and sister! Joey Flack, 9 years old

I bring my son, Julius, here and his friends for tennis classes while I exercise around the golf field. Coming here today, I was surprise to find a clean, neat, and new tennis court!! We spend our Saturdays here a lot and it’s nice to see a difference this church has brought here in this community. -Virginia Santos Johnson, resident of the Camino Del Sol community

Body Rock 2009 at the Rock

 the rock hosted body rock 2009 on june 13th.  check it out… 

kaba modern:  3rd place body rock 2009 

the company placed 2nd

choreo cookies:  body rock 2009 champions

you can see more pics from body rock 2009 HERE

Lifeline Ministries

last week i went to take pictures of ken davis, who leads up lifeline ministries at the rock.  lifeline is a rock ministry that goes into convalescent homes, and ministers to those there.  ive know ken for several years, hes hard to miss, being 6’8″.  weve chatted several times about what God is doin in the homes, and that its to bad video cameras arent allowed in, for confidentiality reasons, since there are lots of stories of God workin miracles.  still cameras can be brought in, but all the pics have to be of the back of their heads, so they are un-recognizable….which doesnt lend itself to great images.  but i went anyways.

ken reminded me that less than 20%  of those who enter the homes, ever leave.  for most, its the last place they will ever live, and some folks have been in homes for over 15 years.  many have no families that visit, so those volunteering for lifeline, may be the only outside contact they ever have. 

lifeline goes into over 40 homes around san diego county,  they usually spend 2 to 3 hours visiting, hosting Bible studies, and spending time talking to those in the homes.  i spent about an hour there, and in that little time, i could see the genuine care the volunteers had for those in the home.  they gave hugs and kisses, held hands and showered them w genuine love and affection. 

i tell the photographers that sometimes you have to put the camera down and just watch what God is doing.  that some things are just meant for you personally, and to recognize that and give thanks and praise to God.   im still processing all i saw, and thanking God for the opportunity to see what ken and his team are doing in the convalescent homes of san diego.   praise God!

for more info about lifeline you can email ken at  lifelineministry@therocksandiego.org