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Rock North County

Rock Church :: A Brief Pictorial History

Rock North County had their first “official” Sunday service in their new home on Sunday. For many of the faithful who have been serving, since before Coastline, I could see a collective sense of relief. All those Sundays of setting up and then tearing down were over.

One of the blessings of being part of the photographers at the Rock is we get to see things on behalf of the rest of the body. We really are the eyes of the body. We get to document in photographs what God is doing at the Rock, and in a way, we become historians as well.

Rock Church 1st Sunday! ~ February 27, 2000

For me, it’s an added blessing to see what God has done in North County, because I am blessed to be part of the North County family.

So as the Rock begins a new season of ministry, of spreading Pervasive Hope to every nook and cranny of San Diego and beyond…it’s only fitting to share some photos of the Rock’s journey that has lead to the opening of the North County Campus 

Last Rock Sunday at SDSU Montezuma Hall ~ November 2004

1st Sunday at Ruffin Rd ~ November 21, 2004

1st Rock Satellite Campus: Rock Amplified ~ 2006

There are probably a few folks at the Rock who don’t know that the North County Campus was preceded by the Rock’s first attempt at having a satellite campus, affectionately known as Rock Amplified.  Rock Amplified was held at an elementary school 2 blocks from the Ruffin location.  It quickly became a refuge for families with young children and those wanting a smaller more intimate Rock experience.  With the move to Liberty Station, the Rock wanted everyone focused and together under one roof…

Pastor John Gross, leading Rock Amplified

Last Sunday at Ruffin Rd ~August 19, 2007

1st Sunday at Liberty Station ~ August 26, 2007Rock North County 1st Sunday at Coastline ~ June 13, 2010

Rock Kids North County ~ Ready to Move…

Last Sunday Rock North County at Coastline ~ March 4, 2012

1st Sunday Rock North County in New Home ~ March 18,2012

Rock North County is just the beginning of what’s next for the Rock…Praise God!

Rock North County

If you live up in  North County San Diego and call the Rock your home church…you have to come check out Rock North County.  The Rock has been meeting in Encinitas for almost 18 months and is getting ready to move to their permanent home in Carlsbad this Spring.  

Pastor Steve is the Rock  North County Campus Pastor and will be leading the charge to bring the message of Pervasive Hope to North County.

Rock North County…all the benefits of the Rock with a smaller community feel!  If you want more info about Rock North County you can visit www.sdrock.com/northcounty or just go HERE.

wired for love…

pastor miles started a new series called wired for love…

God wired us for love and to live in relationship with one another.  Beyond instinct – beyond longing – love is written into our very design. But like any system, the code can be corrupted and cause a crash.   What if we discovered that our world has corrupted love’s code?  That we’ve gotten love all wrong and in the process damaged our wiring.  That no matter how perfect you believe love currently is – it could be better – more permanent – more fulfilling – more powerful. 

you can learn more about this new series HERE

in support of the new series we have been taking photos of folks on sundays…take a look at some of the fun photos

you can see all the photos we took at both campuses at missionfocused.smugmug.com

BLOOM::1st Women’s Ministry Brunch

just as the rock north county prepares to celebrate their 1 year anniversary, the womens ministry had their first official event BLOOM, on saturday at the byrds house in carlsbad.

Bloom was a chance for the women of north county to come together for brunch, fellowship & Gods Word.  it was a great morning of fun and sharing.  for more photos please visit  http://missionfocused.smugmug.com/



Easter Family Photos at Rock North County

Easter is a time to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus!  Because of what He did on the Cross for us, our sins are forgiven and we now have access to God the Father.

It’s also a time for fellowship and family!  Rock North County has all the goodies you will find at the main campus, plus a more intimate family feel, and delicious home-baked goodies.  If you live in North County San Diego, come check it out….You can learn more about the Rock North County family by going to www.therocknorthcounty.org

Another benefit for those up in Rock North County is we can take the time to have a family portrait taken on Easter…Be Blessed!  Enjoy!!

Praise God for the Rock North County Family.

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