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Photopeeps, Phun & Del Mar Phair

Photopeeps are going to the Del Mar Fair

Sunday, June 24th

We are meeting up at Rock North County after 10am service.

Come join us for church first then off to the fair…

or you can meet us there.

Bring your camera and appetite for fun, fotos & food!!

Directions to Rock North County HERE

Leave a message if your interested in joining us ūüôā

Rock Photopeeps Wednesday May 16th

Get your camera and lets go have fun…Photopeeps will exploring Liberty Station today, May 16th. ¬† We will be meeting in the lobby at 7pm, and walking out at 715…All are welcome!

If you want to join come on out.  Any questions you can email us at photoministry@therocksandiego.org

Photopeeps at Carlsbad Flower Fields :: Saturday May 5th

Photopeeps are heading out to the great outdoors….No. ¬†We are not going to the frozen water falls of Hierve el Agua, in Oaxaca. ¬†Maybe this summer…

This Saturday, May 5th we are going to the Carlsbad Flower Fields.  If you want to go take photos of all the colorful flowers, come join us tomorrow.  We are meeting up at the Flower Fields at 8am, meeting at the Starbucks in the outlet mall next door.  Doors open to the Flower Fields at 9am, so we hope to be first in so we can get photos before it becomes a zoo!

It costs $11 to enter, but if you look online you can find discount coupons…

You can go HERE for directions to the Carlsbad Flower Fields.

We hope to cyall tomorrow.

Photopeeps Sharing this Week!

Photopeeps this Wednesday, 7pm at the Rock, in Rm 353.  All are welcome!

This Wednesday, April 25th is gonna be a sharing time…hopefully yall have been busy shooting photos over the past few weeks.

Yall are cordially invited to come and share with us!  Sharing is Caring!!

Please bring 3 to 5 photos that you have taken this month, April, that you would like to share. ¬†Be ready to talk about your photos. ¬†It’s best to bring your photos on a thumb-drive, but you can bring them on a cd or on a memory card.

This is a great time to come and learn more about us.  We have some fun things planned for the summer and we will be sharing a little bit of what we have planned this Wednesday.

Photography is fun!  Sharing is fun!!  Sharing photos is extra fun!!

Photopeeps :: Old (School) Town

No…you don’t have to photograph in black & white and shoot with your film camera. ¬†That’s unless you want to! ¬†

This Wednesday we will be taking Photopeeps “Old School” as we venture out to Old Town San Diego for some photo fun. ¬†We will be meeting in front of the Immaculate Conception Church in Old Town, at 645pm (link to church HERE). ¬†We will start wandering around Old Town at 715pm. ¬†

Immaculate Conception Church

Rain or shine, we will be ready to shoot and have fun! ¬†So come join us and don’t be just a fair weather photographer, that’s if it rains, and come have fun…photography is fun!

If you haven’t been to Old Town San Diego State Park, now’s your chance. ¬†It’s one of the more popular State Parks in California and it’s right in our backyard!

If you think your gonna come join us, please go to our Facebook page and let us know >>>go to the right of this post and you can get to our Facebook page>>>that way we can keep an eye out for you.

FREE Fun!!!   Tomorrow, Wednesday April 11th.

Meeting in Old Town, at the church at 645pm, we hit the bricks at 715pm!

Rain or shine, we will be photographing.  Bring a jacket and umbrella if it looks like rain.

Photography is fun!  All are Welcome!!

Photopeeps San Juan Capistrano Photoshoot

Here’s the details y’all

We’ll meet at the Solana Beach Amtrak Terminal at 8:30am Saturday March 24, 2012.

Round trip ticket is $16.00

Board the Pacific Surfliner Northbound 567 (departs at 8:40am)

Arrive San Juan Capistrano 9:28am

Mission tour is $9.00 ($1.00 off discount coupon available online)

Swallows Day Parade 11:00am

Board the Pacific Surfliner Southbound 580 (departs at 4:14pm)

Arrive Solana Beach 5:03pm

Photopeeps Tonite:: Come and Have Fun with Us!

Photopeeps Tonite :: 7pm at the Rock in Rm 353

All are welcome. ¬†Tonite we will be wrapping up our Intro to Photo Fun Classes. ¬†But don’t fret, we will be teaching this class 2 more times before the year is done.

San Juan Capistrano trip is this Saturday, come and learn more tonite.

Sharing is Caring!  Come have fun with us.

Photopeeps :: Swallows Day Parade ~ San Juan Capistrano

Time for Photopeeps annual trek north on the Amtrak train to San Juan Capistrano’s Annual Swallows Day Parade.

We like to have fun, so we usually take the Amtrak from Solana Beach up to San Juan Capistrano. ¬†It’s a fun ride and it drops us off in the center of all the action. ¬†It’s fun to explore the Mission and it’s a great place to¬†shoot photos of the parade from.

If your interested in going with us please leave a message or email us at MISSION.focused@yahoo.com

Photopeeps this Wednesday:: Aperture

This photo was taken on our last trip to Oaxaca with Adventures in Life. ¬†That’s Pastor Steve from Las Vegas showing off his wedding ring, ooops! ¬†Hopefully his wife Frankie doesn’t notice.

Watch out!  Photopeeps gonna get you!!

Photopeeps this Wednesday, February 29th,  7pm 3rd floor of Rock Church.

We are in our 3rd week of exploring how much fun we can have with a camera….all are welcome to our Intro to Photo fun classes, even if you missed the first 2 classes. ¬† Please bring your camera and be ready to have fun.

Photography is Fun!!

This Wednesday we will be talking about Aperture…

learning how much fun we can have controlling the image…come join the fun!!

Photopeeps :: Intro to Photo Fun

Photopeeps:: Intro to Photo Fun!  Classes begin this Wednesday

The fun is about to begin…Our 6 week Intro to Photo Fun classes are beginning this week, in Rm 353 at the Rock.

All are welcome and classes are FREE!


~Please bring your camera and camera manual to class with you each week.

~A digital camera is preferred, but if all you have is a¬†Polaroid¬†camera, your more than welcome to join us. ¬†‘

~Each week we will be taking photos in class and you will be assigned homework assignments that you will   share in class the following class session.

~Be ready to share.  The class is meant to be fun and part of the fun is sharing photos we take and learning from each other as we share.

~Before you come this Wednesday, make sure your camera is ready to use and battery is fully charged with a memory card that is ready to use.

This Wednesday we will be talking about the Intro to Fun classes as a whole and what’s expected, and we will be talking about “the Camera.” ¬† No camera, no photos. ¬†No photos, no photo fun!

All are welcome, even those who don’t consider themselves as beginners. ¬†There’s something to learn for everyone.

Any questions, please leave a comment or email us at MISSION.focused@yahoo.com

Photopeeps this Wednesday :: February First

How many folks does it take to hold a ladder for a photographer?

Photopeeps this Wednesday, February 1st at 7pm at the Rock Church in Rm 353…Join the Fun!

Homework for this Wednesday is Shadows

Come join the fun as we share photos we took this week of Shadows. ¬†If you weren’t able to make it last Wednesday but want to share in the fun…go and take photos of Shadows. ¬†Please bring three(3) photos to share with the class, plus the photo you took and shared on facebook. ¬†Be ready to share, since sharing is caring.

We are starting our Intro to Photo classes on February 15th. ¬†Keep an eye on this site for more info…

Photopeeps this Wednesday :: Join the Fun!

Homework theme: Texture

Photopeeps this Wednesday, January 25th in Rm 353 at the Rock Church.  All are welcome.

This Wednesday we will be sharing photos we took for our homework.  The homework assignment was to take photos of Texture.  Texture is the theme, how you choose to take photos that express our theme is up to you.  You can join the fun this Wednesday by doing the homework and bringing photos to share.  Sharing is caring!

Please bring three (3) photos of Texture to share with the class.

You can bring the photos on a thumb drive, cd, or memory card in order to share the photos.

Please bring your cameras to class with you.  Time permitting we will answer any questions you might have about your camera or any other topic you can think of.

We will continue to share more info about our upcoming Intro to Photo Fun class coming in February.

Any questions, you can email us a MISSION.focused@yahoo.com or you can leave a comment and we will get back to you.

Be Prepared

I was chillin with a friend the other night when The Mechanic came on, we hadn’t seen the movie in awhile so we decided to watch it. ¬† I’m not giving anything away for those who haven’t seen the Jason Statham flick, but there’s a gun in the movie that has engraved on the side AMAT VICTORIA CURAM, translated from the Latin means Victory Loves Preparation.

As I thought about the phrase I began to think how well it relates not only to our relationship with Christ but also to the photographic world.

In order to have victory in our relationship with Christ we also need to be prepared.

Always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you.

(1 Peter 3:15)

In the same way, if we are to have victory in our photography we need to be prepared.

How you prepare is the question.  

In Christ, thankfully we have the Holy Spirit to guide us through the process of conforming ourselves to the image of God (Sanctification).

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

(Romans 12:2 ESV)

As a photographer, we may not have the spirit of Ansel Adams in our ear to instruct us, but thanks to the internet there are tons of resources online to learn from to help us on our journey to becoming a master photographer. ¬†For those of you in the San Diego area, we have free photo-classes to help you along the way…

We want to help y’all be prepared. ¬†More prepared you are, more fun you will have, and more photos you take that you will love. ¬†At least that’s the idea… ¬†Come join us on Wednesday nites in Rm 353. ¬†Leave us a comment if you want more info on our classes.

Photopeeps this Wednesday…Join the Fun!

Photopeeps is back!  Come join the fun this Wednesday, 7pm Rm 353 @ the Rock, All are Welcome!

This Wednesday, January 18th, we will be sharing our calendar of events and photo field-trips for the year and talking more about upcoming classes.

Homework for this Wednesday…was to take photos of palm trees. ¬†

Palm trees are the subject, beyond that it’s up to you…please bring three (3) ¬†photos to share with the class. ¬†Please bring your camera to class as well, because there might be a surprise in class photo contest…you never know!

All are welcome, with or without a camera. ¬†Classes are free and photographers from all skill levels are welcome. ¬†Come and share with us…sharing is caring!

Any questions…leave a comment and we will get back to you…

Fotopeeps 2012 :: All Are Welcome

Fotopeeps is….Fabulous! Fantastic! Fotography fun for all!

Photopeeps is our weekly gathering of folks that want to share & learn more about the Joy of Photography.   

We meet every Wednesday at the Rock Church in Rm 353, 7pm till they kick us out…usually 9pm.

We are gearing up for 2012 and are excited for another year of fun and fellowship as we explore the world of photography together.

All are welcome to join in on the fun. ¬†We have folks from all walks of life and photography skill levels who come and have fun with us. ¬†You don’t even have to have a camera to join us, but it does help!

In the next few weeks we will be getting to know each other, sharing photos, answering questions that you may have and preparing for our Intro to Photography Phun classes that will be starting in February. ¬†If you have been wanting to learn more about photography but don’t have time or money to go to your local community college, come join us.

Our Intro classes are free!  We only charge a small fee of Nothing! to join us.  All we ask is you come and be ready to have fun and share with the class.

WARNING!!  Our classes are not meant to be an exhaustive, learn everything about photography class.  

We believe that the best way to learn is by taking photos as you learn new things about your camera.  Our goal is to teach you how to use the camera you have, not the camera you want.

Therefore, the best camera is the camera you have.

We also believe that you can learn everything there is to learn about photography but if your not actively taking photos and sharing  your photos, all that knowledge is for not.

In the same way we believe that Christ came that we all might have life to the fullest (John 10:10) and as ¬†followers of Christ it’s not enough to memorize Scripture and read God’s Word from cover to cover…you need to use it and share the Hope and Joy of Christ with those around us, especially with those who don’t know Christ yet.

We invite you to come and learn with us.

If your reading this and want to join the fun, but are beyond the basic “Intro classes”, don’t fret! ¬†There’s room for you too. ¬†Come join us and we would be glad to share more with you.

We will be sharing soon some of our scheduled fun foto outings for the year in class and on this site soon…so stay tuned. ¬†If you haven’t been to our facebook page and “Liked” us yet, please do so. ¬†That way you will be kept up to date as to what we got cookin for yall.

Any questions leave a comment and we will get back to you.

Photopeeps is Back!

Christmas has come and gone but the Gift of Christ still keeps on giving for

those who still seek HIM!  

If you didn’t know, it was snowing this past Christmas at the Rock. ¬†Great photo Cyndy!

We like to have fun and 2012 is gonna be fun.

We will be meeting this Wednesday, January 11th in Rm 353 at the Rock, 7pm.  All are welcome!

Since we haven’t met since last year before Christmas, this Wednesday is gonna be a sharing night. Hopefully all y’all have been taking lots of photos during our break because we want you to bring your five(5) favorite photos that you want to share with the class.

Being the 1st gathering of the new year and the fact that we like to have fun, we will have some snacks for y’all as well. ¬†Feel free to bring some snacks, soda or steak to share with the class and come learn about all the fun we’re gonna have in 2012.

Any questions feel free to email us MISSION.focused@yahoo.com or leave a comment at the end of this post and we will get back to you.

Sunday 12/18/11: San Diego Parade Of Lights & Fireworks

Correction:  We are meeting at Harbor Island and not Shelter Island as previously stated.  We are still meeting in the same location at the parking lot across from the Hilton, I just had my islands wrong.  I appologize for the misinformation.  Also please arrive promptly at 4:30pm and leave plenty of time for parking as I will do a quick overview on fireworks photography.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Our last outing for the year is this Sunday.  We will be meeting up to take photos of this years San Diego Parade of Lights.  There will be a fireworks show before the boat parade starts, so we will be meeting up at 430pm sharp in the parking lot area across from the Hilton on Harbor Island.

If you have a tripod, we recommend you bring it.  It will probably be a cold night as well, so be prepared.  Parking is limited so get there early.  If you cannot find a spot in past years there has been pay parking at the north and south ends of the island.  For more information about this years Parade of Lights you can visit their official website http://www.sdparadeoflights.org/ or you can go HERE

If you are planning on joining us feel free to leave us a message at the end of the post and we will keep you posted, or you can email us at MISSION.focused@yahoo.com


Event:  San Diego Parade Of Lights & Fireworks

Where: Harbor Island РMeeting in the parking lot across from the Hilton Hotel

When:  4:30pm sharp

What to bring: 

Camera & manual for adjustments


Black cardboard, hat, lens cover, or something to cover up the lens of your camera

Dress warmly as it will be cold on the bay

Sharing is Caring :: time to share photos from Saturday’s excursion to Balboa Park

The scene…over 325,000 San Diegan’s came to this years event at Balboa Park

Tonight, December 7th, 7pm in Rm 353….Come join us as we share photos from last weekends Christmas on the Prado (aka December Nights).¬† All are welcome, even if you didn’t make it down to Balboa Park last weekend.

For those sharing photos from this weekend, please bring (5) five photos you would like to share with the class…that’s because sharing is caring.

Museum of Modern Art….after the rush

Photo Class & Events: What’s happening through the end of the year…

Keep your eyes on this post as we will be adding more information to the below activities after our next meeting. We have a ton of things planned to do over the next few weeks so come out and join us for some photo fun. ALL are welcome to come out and experience our classes and events. We are going to end the year strong and take a few weeks off during Christmas and the new year before coming back in January to resume basic classes from the beginning. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

– Wednesday 11/30/11 @ 7-9pm
Join us for photo class at the Rock room 353. We will be sharing 5 photos that we have taken over the last week during the holiday. We will also be talking about the upcoming events for the rest of year.

– Saturday 12/3/11 @ 4-10pm
Christmas On The Prado aka December Nights at Balboa Park. Get there early as parking is limited.
The event starts at Noon in case you want to wander on your own first. We will be meeting at 4pm in front of the Photographic Arts building. The museums are open to public for free from 5-9pm. You can find out more information at the links provided below.

December Nights website:

Map of events (Print before going): http://www.balboapark.org/sites/default/files/decembernights_map_2011.jpg

Event list (Print before going):

– Wednesday 12/7/11 @ 7-9pm
Let’s get together at the Rock Church room 353 and go over the photos from Christmas On The Prado.

– Wednesday 12/14/11 @ 7-9pm – CANCELLED
Class Christmas potluck & lesson on fireworks photography

– Sunday 12/18/11 @ 4:30pm Sharp
San Diego Parade Of Lights – Location TBD
Come join us for fireworks photography and the parade of boat lights on the bay.

Website: http://www.sdparadeoflights.org/

There is much to do before the end of the year and many opportunities to check us out. Again we welcome everyone no matter what the skill level to join us for any of the events or classes. More to come soon about the above events and what we have planned for next year. Keep your eyes on the Mission Focused site to find out what’s going on with the team, classes, and events.


Jim Wanglund

Photo Class: Sharing Time 11/16/11 @ 7pm…

We definitely had fun shooting the fountains last week. All are welcome to come out for class this Wednesday to see the results. We will have time to look and critique what we have shot so that we can improve on our skills. We are looking forward to seeing everyone and don’t forget to bring your top three photos to share from last weeks class.

What: Photo Class Sharing Time

Where: Rock Church Room 353

When: Wednesday 11/16/11 @ 7pm

Who: Anyone who wants to learn more about photography, Mission-Focused, or about how to serve Him

What to bring:

Your top three photos from last weeks class
Your camera
Your manual if you have it
An open mind to learn more about photography

See you all in class!


Jim Wanglund

Photo Class: Wednesday 11/9/11…

Let’s go out and do a photo exercise this Wednesday. We are going to meet as usual in the classroom but will go out to do some night photography at the fountains near Tender Greens. This is your chance to do some fun shots and ask questions as we use the existing light to take photos. Please see the list below for things you should bring if you have them. If you don’t have a tripod I will have a limited supply of them to loan out for the exercise.

What: Photo Exercise

When: Wednesday 11/9/11 @ 7pm

Where: Rock Church Room 353

Things to bring:
Manual for camera
Flashlight if you need extra light
Good attitude and ability to have fun under difficult lighting ūüôā

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


Jim Wanglund

photopeeps this wednesday : come and share the joy

photography is fun!¬† we dont care what you use…its how you use it.¬† be it an old 110 camera or an iphone…

come and share with us the joy of photography, this coming wednesday, nov 2nd at 7pm, room 353 at the rock.  all are welcome.

this wednesday will be another sharing night, a chance to get to know each other from our photos.¬† please bring one (1) photo to share with the group.¬† preferably something taken in the last week.¬† be prepared to share…because sharing is caring.

bring your camera to class…any questions…feel free to email us at mission.focused@yahoo.com

Mission-Focused Class: 10/19/11 7pm @ Rock Church Room 353

Tomorrow night we will be sharing photos we have taken in the past. We are asking that you bring 2-3 photos with you and be ready to talk briefly about why you took the photos and what inspired you. This will allow us to get to know each other a little better and our individual shooting styles. Please bring the photos on CD, flash/USB drive, or the medium/card that you use in your camera. We are looking forward to seeing you and your photos.

What: Mission-Focused Class sharing time

– Bring 2-3 photos to share with the class along with a brief explanation of why you took the photo

– Put photos on CD, USB/flash drive, or bring in the medium you used in your camera

– Photos should be put into their own folder to make them easy to find. If you are not sure how to do this please write down the file numbers you would like to show and location on the storage device.

When: Wednesday 10/19/11 @ 7pm

Where: Rock Church Room 353

Why: To learn and share photos as well as our gift for photography

Who: Anyone who has an interest in photography. All experience levels are welcome. Please come even if you are not prepared for this class or never have been before. We can bring you up to speed during and after the class.


Jim Wanglund


photopeeps this wednesday!  sep 14th

come and hang out with us as we share whats new and what weve been taking photos of recently…

all are welcome

7pm at the rock, in room 353

got questions email us a MISSION.focused@yahoo.com