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Oaxaca 2012 :: tecnologia’ desafiada

tecnologia’ desafiada = technology challenged

This was the theme for today in Oaxaca.  It shouldn’t have been so.

I was able to get some work done but my computer was acting up, more than ususal for those who know how messed up my computer is…but it works, that’s what matters.  Thankfully there have been no issues with my camera so while I couldn’t do much editing and posting most of the day, I was able to keep shooting.  This is home base…where I work when I’m not running around taking photos of the men this week.  That’s the computer in question, currently working….to the left, a Toshiba laptop donated by someone from the Rock to the Jesus Geeks, who in turn washed and waxed it and donated it to Americo and Norma, to be used at the training center thats being worked on this week and for use by the local church.  This week the men are using it to check in with family back in the states.The machine that Adventures in Life and Harvesting Hope have to drill wells with needed some work done on the drive shafts.  Some of the men who were in Oaxaca in January with Harvesting Hope took back to the States the drive shaft, to have a new one machined.  Sean brought it with him when he came to Oaxaca this week.  When Dave and Chable’ started to put the drive shaft together, it was just a hair too thick.  Thankfully, there is a metal machine shop that has a metal lathe in order to adjust the drive shaft to make it work.   The photo above is of the machinist working on the drive shaft.Dave and some of the guys from Harvesting Hope came to this same shop 2 weeks ago and they were amazed at how many old classic machines they had, and that they still worked.

One of the machines was an old Lodge & Davis Machine Tool Company of Cincinnati, Ohio.  I did a little searching online and saw an old Lodge & Davis machine, reportedly from the 1890’s, that looked newer than the machine above.I know that in the States, most metal lathe machines are computer controlled…but the machinist in Tlacolula got the job done old school style with a good caliper, a good eye and the human touch.

I started to think tonight, with my computer now cooperating… Canon recently unveiled  their new flagship EOS 1DX and Nikon just announcing the new D800 & D800E…do we need more technology and more megapixels?  I’m using and still loving my EOS 5D.  Not too long ago I was walking through church when this kid I know walked up to me and saw my camera on my shoulder.  He said something like “ohhhh, is that the 5D Mark II!?”  I said nope, I’m rolling with the original 5D.  He immediately lost interest and walked away….

Really!  I felt like smacking the kid up side the head!  Is that what it’s come down to.  Unless you have the latest and greatest camera, you don’t matter or you can’t take great photos….just so there is no question, the answer is NO!

That old Toshiba lap top will be a blessing to the local church and to Americo & Norma.  And as hard as it might be, I will strive to serve Jesus and take photos that honor Him with my viejo(old) 5D.

Praise God for old technology!


I had the pleasure this past Saturday to share my love and passion for photographers at the youth Alliance Conference held at Horizon North County this past weekend. It was fun to encourage these teens to do more with their photography along with the opportunity they have to really give back with photography. I don’t usually realize that I’m growing up until I notice some gray hairs starting to show up which I usually blame on the Chiefs performance as of late but I did realize it when trying to explain what photography was like for me at their age. Yup, that means film, paying a ton for 1 hour photographs, and no internet to share the photographs I had taken. Hopefully I was able to inspire some to start using facebook and twitter and really share their photographs and continue to document the good going on in the world along with the stories behind the photographs they create.

I had an amazing time with the Mission Focused team, check out the images on facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.287693614594345.75820.169983526365355&type=1

new beginnings

in the span of 4 days i had the honor of helping document the wedding of lorse & lisa and the homecoming celebration of mary jimenez.  when youre at life events like this in such a close span of time, you surprisingly hear similar themes…of the beauty & promise of new life and the old being replaced with the new.

these type of life occurrences arent lost on me.  you cant help but think about life and your own mortality.  you start taking inventory of who you are and what your all about.  this of course includes photography…

celebrating the life & homecoming of mary jimenez

on our recent fieldtrip up to san juan capistrano i had some time to chill with God, have some fun taking photos and to listen to what He wanted to tell me.  i was reminded from the above photo, that we do things for God with our gifts and talents, but unless we do it with God’s master plan in mind…the advancing of His Kingdom and sharing about Jesus, it doesnt matter.

the bell tower at the mission is still standing, but much of the surrounding structure is gone…but the flowers are blooming.  it reminds me that it really doesnt matter what camera i have, what techniques i use to edit photos, or if i belong to this or that photo association.   the challenge from God continues to be, am i using the gift of photography to glorify Him, to the best of my ability.   in the end, He is gonna hold me accountable for how i used my gifts for Him…God will certainly not care if im a pc or mac, canon or nikon, or if i shot raw or jpg.  its all a tool to Glorify Him.

sometimes you have to take what God gives you, and march on…be obedient and trust!

Semper Fi!

Rock Photo Peeps Class Tonight


I shoot people!

Brother Joe has asked me to fill in for the next 2 weeks. Bring along your favorite 2 images taken in 2011 and we’ll discuss how to build confidence in shooting people in the face. We’ll also discuss some great photography resources online and how Nikon is supreme. I look forward to meeting with y’all and undoing some of the brainwashing you may have experienced through Brother Joe. 3 simple things you need to know about me.

1. I love my creator and that He made me creative
2. I don’t think Scarlett Johansson is ugly
3. I listen to Taylor Swift

I’ll see you tonight at 7PM in room 353

news, rebates, and other fun stuff…

The Nikon Photo Contest International has been held by Nikon Corporation since 1969 to provide an opportunity for photographers around the world to communicate and to enrich photographic culture for professionals and amateurs alike.

The term of the application for Nikon Photo Contest International 2010-2011 is from Wednesday, September 1st till Tuesday, November 30th, 2010.

more info go to Nikon Photo Contest  International website

San Diego Photo Expo West 2010 at Del Mar Fairgrounds  Nov 13th & 14th

October Wall Calendars are here!


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September 2010 Calendar

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September wallpapers are here, enjoy . . .


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August 2010 Calendar

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Our August Calendars are now available for your desktops. Enjoy!

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Military Family Portraits: The Williams Family

I had a great time photographing the Williams Family this evening.  Every Monday night the team at Mission-Focused serves our military through offering free family portraits.  We have now been doing these shoots for the past 6 months, it was exciting to hear tonight how much this means to the families and how quickly the time slots are filled up, sometimes within minutes of the schedules being posted.

I’m Batman

I had a great time shooting Bruce’s 1 year photographs tonight, he was kind enough to bring his daddy Bruce and mommy Alicia, his uncle, and his grand parents who came all the way out from Tennessee to celebrate his 1st birthday.  I had shot their family portraits a ways back so I was excited to get to see the Estep family again tonight, it’s fun to see how fast kids grow up.  Anyways, I had a great time shooting tonight with Malia and Lisa, we decided to break the mold to avoid a creative block (sort of like writer’s block) so we shot around Liberty Station this evening.  It provided us with a lot of great backdrops to work with and we were glad we made that decision.  I got to learn more from Malia who is great at posing which is something I am wanting to get better at. anyways, here some pics from tonight. . .

Rock Photo Classes Summer Break

The Rock Photo Classes will be on break for the next 2 weeks with Brother Joe and Terry down in Oaxaca. Be sure to check this site for photo updates from their trip!

Next week I will be shooting Comic-Con as a member of the press for my 5th year. Time to shoot some celebrities, in the face 😉

July 2010 Calendar

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I Poo in Blue

I’ve been blessed with a beautiful bride and son. I have found out during the past 19 months that being a daddy has no equal. Hayden is my joy. I love you prince!

June 2010 Calendar

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We Remember

Thank you to all who serve and to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, we’re forever thankful.


I had the pleasure of taking pics of my good friends Angie and Parker, their first pics since being married a few years back.  Angie and I worked together in the past, and although she is still working on her accent I can finally understand the majority of what she says 🙂  Her husband Parker recently got back from deployment and I have enjoyed getting to know him as well.

Sun Tanned Toes Ticklin the Sand

After weeks of Hayden pointing out my clothes on the floor and yelling at me for putting my shoes in the wrong place I realized he needs to get out more. So me and Hayden took a little trip to the beach this past Saturday for a day of sun and sand.

Here to Serve

Jim, Malia and I had a great time shooting with Issac, Megan, Ava and Logan last night. It was a true blessing to shoot Logan’s first portraits and capture some memories of the family that Issac can take along with him as he is being deployed this Monday. We appreciate your service and hope the pictures bless your family. Thanks for allowing us into your lives.

The Best Day

I’m blessed to know the love God has for his children through the love I have for my son. To be willing to sacrifice Him for our sins is a love story like no other. Hayden and I spent mothers day together at Sea World, unfortently mother’s day is Alicia’s busiest day of the year as she is a florist. Anyways it was the best day I’ve had with Hayden and just wanted to share some shots.

Welcome to the Prom

I had a great time shooting the prom with Mikey last night, he came to show the kids how to dress and class it up, suit and tie style. He made the mistake of following me and brother Joe down the rabbit trail and took us a little too seriously. The last time i got dressed up was probably my wedding 5 years ago, and then before that probably prom 12 years ago, both with the same beautiful gal! Check us out, Horizon Prom 1997.

Anyways, I shot the prom with Bro joe the previous year and we had a great time messing around with some night photography. This year’s group served as great models, finally a group who didn’t mind getting their feet wet in some instances and simply enjoyed having some memoires captured of their special night. hope y’all enjoy the shots, here were some of my favs . . .

Monday Nights Aren’t Just For Football

We were blessed to spend time with the Shaw and Sweet families and continue our military family portraits this past monday. We also had Lisa and Drive By come by and hang out and experience what a blessing it is to serve these families.


I find it odd looking forward to Mondays. I always loved letting my team at work know just before the weekend that “it’s almost Monday,” just to get a rise out of them, but with our Military Monday shoots I actually look forward to Mondays. I had the privledge of shooting the Lavaux family last night, we had some lighting issues with the rentals but we found a way to make it work, that’s the fun part about photography, finding ways to shoot a good picture in less then ideal settings. Anyways here’s a few pics from last night . . .

Military Mondays

We were blessed to continue with our Military portraits with the Bell and Marianaccio families. These shoots are an amazing experience that I hope some more of our photographers get to experience.

Alicia in Wonderland

I have been blessed to serve alongside my fellow Rock Photographers now for the past 2 years despite the fact that they choose to shoot with mediocre Canon cameras. GO NIKON! Being able to document God’s work through the Rock Church has been the greatest experience I have had as a photographer. I have been blessed to serve yet I would like to acknowledge my beautiful Bride of 5 years (almost 😉 ) for the sacrifice that she has given to this ministry as well. My wife isn’t the greatest fan of cameras and doesn’t share my passion of photography, but she is willing to sacrifice her time with me to allow me to pursue my passion and DO SOMETHING! As i am blessed to be behind the lens of a wonderful Nikon camera I am more blessed to have my wife behiond me suppporting me in this ministry. I love you princess, and although ypou will hate me for posting this at least enjoy some pics of our wonderful prince Hayden 🙂

the secret weapon

Laurel Street almost had Hayden serving, unfortently 7AM is his Kryptonite



Caymen Islands Model – OK, who got Hayden this shirt, I forget ? ? ?