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Toys for Joy

Toys for Joy began over 15 years ago by Miles McPherson and Miles Ahead Ministries.  I first started photographing at Toys for Joy, I think in 2002.  This year’s Toys for Joy is just around the corner.

The photos here were taken back in 2003 by my friend and fellow photographer Rafael Delgado.

The event is now run under the umbrella of the Rock Church.  Miles McPherson is the pastor at the Rock.

Since 2002 I have photographed almost every Toys for Joy Christmas outreach.  Every year is different and to be honest, sometimes you wonder if the folks in line are really in need…that’s when I pray and seek to tell the story of what God is doing at this great event.   In the spirit of giving and blessing others, you have to look the other way when you see a teen in line, listening to music with his $200 beats headphones connected to  his iPhone while wearing $150 Air Jordans…One of the great things about Toys for Joy back when I first got involved, was that every man, woman and child that was in line heard the Good News of Christ coming at Christmas and His death and resurrection at Easter.  That everyone might have life in Christ.  Every person heard this message and was given a chance to pray to receive Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, before heading into the toy area.

Photographers by nature are observers…we are always looking for the “shot” that will tell the story in 1 photo…

I think Rafael got pretty close on this photo.  One of the traditions of  Toys for Joy was to award a bicycle to a young boy and girl near the end of the event…This young girl was just told she was going to be getting a new bicycle for Christmas!  The rest of the photos add to the story…

Praise God for Toys for Joy.  That kids who might not receive anything at Christmas might be blessed and know who this season is truly about….Jesus!

You can learn more about Toys for Joy by going HERE.

and the answer is….Jesus!

toys for joy is this saturday….so i thought i would post some photos from past years.  it was fun looking back and seeing some of the faces of those who have helped out over the years.  from last years rain soaked event to cold friday nites at iglesia bautista, these photos go back to 2003.  i think i started shooting the then miles ahead toys for joy back in 2002 and have been to almost everyone since.  if you get a chance to talk with some of the “old timer” mac folks, they have tons of great stories of faith and trust when they had no toys and no money and how God “hooked it up”….and every kid left with a toy at the end of the nite.

as this years event looks to be the biggest to date…i cant help but be excited for how God is gonna work in the big events just like He did back in the day…..

Praise God!

whats up w Miles Ahead…

as miles ahead prepares for the do something world event in the cayman islands, the event in the philippines is just around the corner…i was reminded of this fact in oaxaca, mexico.  the hotel i stayed at the first day i got there was flying the philippine flag out front. yes. the philippine flag deep in the heart of mexico.

the do something world event in manila, the capital of the philippines, is tentatively scheduled for feb of 2011.  thats less than a year away!!  if you cant make it to the cayman islands in may…maybe you can come to the philippines and be blessed there.  its not to early to be thinking, planning and praying about serving Jesus in the philippine islands…

for more info about miles ahead, the cayman islands or philippine islands events, please go HERE

Miles Ahead Cayman 2010 Festival

This picture was taken in Hell, a town in the Grand Cayman Islands.

Last night (Nov 18th) in the Cayman Islands, Miles McPherson and the Miles Ahead team officially accepted the invitation to partner in a Do Something Festival this May. 400 business and church leaders came together to learn more about how to participate in the Festival. There will be a 3 month Do Something campaign leading up to the Festival, in which we hope to recruit 2000 volunteers to serve their community. We pray that it will be a history making event in Cayman. Check out www.blackpearl.ky to catch a glimpse of the venue. Mark your calendar: May 14 & 15, 2010.

If your interested in going, now’s the time to sign up.  Send an email to info@milesahead.tv for the 411, or you can visit www.milesahead.tv

Pray. Give. Go.