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Mike Saucedo

116 Concert featuring Lecrae & Trip Lee

On July 2, 2011 the Rock Church was rocking with the hottest hip hop event of the summer.  If you loved Rap this was the place to be.  It was great to shoot this event with my good friends Malia and Lisa. This was the end event of a weekend conference held at Cornerstone Church in Spring Valley.  Everyone had a great time and went home blessed….






Rock Academy Prom | Cruising SD Harbor aboard Newport Hornblower

mike and terry spent the evening on the Newport Hornblower taking photos of the Rock Academy Prom.  Take a look at some of their photos…thankfully nobody got sick!

you can see a few more photos HERE on our MISSION focused Facebook page…go look and make sure you LIKE us!!

more photos soon…

DOing SOMETHING at local SDFD Stations

On Saturday June the 19th the Rock DO SOMETHING campaign went to 9 Fire Stations & 1 life guard station.  while 1825 and high school & jr highers cleaned up Skyline Park.  I was Blessed to travel to 5 Fire Stations, each Station needed different projects done. I started my day at Station 17 which is called the HUB. It is the busiest station in the country it covers the Talmadge area.
Here is the group that handled this project.
IMG_8578 1
this room is the main room where the Fire Fighters watch tv.  Before…
IMG_8587 1
IMG_8765 1
Then I made my way up to Station 34 in the San Carlos area.
IMG_8603 1
here are all the helpers that came out to pull weeds paint all the rooms.
IMG_8650 1
painting the PINK walls… yes the guys sleeping rooms were pink…
IMG_8610 1
IMG_8613 1
my next stop was in Bay Park, at Station 25.
IMG_8675 1
pulling more weeds.
IMG_8681 1
now its off to La Jolla, Station 16 near Mount Soledad
IMG_8687 1
IMG_8714 1
group picture at Station 16
IMG_8702 1
my last stop was in Mira Mesa, Station 38.
IMG_8739 1
IMG_8731 1
IMG_8734 1
what a great day this was and all the Fire Fighters came up to me and said “thank the church staff and all the helpers for all they do.”  🙂

Rock Parking Ministry BBQ…Phil’s BBQ!!

The great Men and Women that help you find that parking space every Sunday came together for a night of fellowship at to eat some Phil’s BBQ. They had a great time playing games and getting to know each other that serve at different services. The Parking Ministry is always looking for men and women to serve so the Rock does not have to pay people to do this.
IMG_9033 1
IMG_9011 1
IMG_9046 1

Men of the Rock Father’s Day BBQ

The Men of the Rock invited all Men to bring there families to Liberty Station park for a great time of food, friends and fellowship, it was a great time had by all kids got to play with water balloons, there were a couple of volleyball games going on. and you can’t forget about the FOOD.
IMG_8840 1
IMG_8849 1
IMG_8879 1
IMG_8869 1
IMG_8883 1
IMG_8900 1
IMG_8957 1


Come one come all, and bring your clothing, dishes, anything that you don’t need the Rock thrift store wants it. everything that is sold goes back to DO SOMETHING San Diego and the world. Miles McPherson and San Diego City Councilman  Kevin Faulconer were present to celebrate the opening of the Rock Thrift store.
IMG_8247 b
security team praying
IMG_8266 b
shop shop
IMG_8279 b
more shoping
IMG_8280 B
Miles speaking
IMG_8323 B
Kevin speaking
IMG_ 8327 B
let the store be open open
IMG_8340 B
IMG_8347 B

for more info about the thrift store or directions visit www.rockthriftstore.com

IMPACT 195 concert with Natalie Grant w/ guests Britt Nicole & Phil Stacey

Friday night Malia, Jim, Myself, were sent to cover the Imapct 195 Concert. This was a great night with a lot of great music here are a few pics.
this pic was in the VIP area with the artists, where you could ask them questions.
IMG_7566 smaller size
Phil Stacy on stage
IMG_7646 smaller size
Britt Nicole on stage.
IMG_7687 small size
IMG_7800 smaller size
IMG_7847 smaller size
Natalie Grant
IMG_7890 smaller size
IMG_8013 smaller size
I think from the pictures above you can tell who my Favorite one was to shoot last night.

Rock Food Drive…

Every Sunday for the Month of May the Rock Church will Have a semi-truck out by the Vons to collect food for the food bank. Vons has pitched in I been told had have staff extra checkout cashiers and have made a special area in the store that has the items that the Food bank needs. Please give a little or a lot what ever the Lord has put on your heart. you still have 3 more weeks…

Happy Mother’s Day.. Rock Mother’s Day

Today is a Day that we honor all the WOmen of this world, becuase one day they have or will become a mom. We all have a Mom. I lost my mother in 2001 I still take this day to honor her and all the things she did so my life could be better.
To day at the Rock for the 10th year they handed out Carnations to all the mothers to thank them. Remember to Thank your mom everyday.


Welcome to the Prom

I had a great time shooting the prom with Mikey last night, he came to show the kids how to dress and class it up, suit and tie style. He made the mistake of following me and brother Joe down the rabbit trail and took us a little too seriously. The last time i got dressed up was probably my wedding 5 years ago, and then before that probably prom 12 years ago, both with the same beautiful gal! Check us out, Horizon Prom 1997.

Anyways, I shot the prom with Bro joe the previous year and we had a great time messing around with some night photography. This year’s group served as great models, finally a group who didn’t mind getting their feet wet in some instances and simply enjoyed having some memoires captured of their special night. hope y’all enjoy the shots, here were some of my favs . . .


Do you remember your Prom? I do. Mine was May 20th 1995, my school Prom was on a boat in Mission Bay it was on the W.D. Evans. On May 8th 2010 I was back at Prom, NOT again but to take pictures for the Rock Academy Junior/Senior PROM. The prom started at a private home on the top of Point Loma. This is the senior and junior class outside the home.
img7029 b
It was now off to the back yard that over looked the city for more pictures and great food.
img_7009 b
IMG_6992 b
IMG_6980 b
IMG_7053 B
IMG_7071 B
Now its time to head to the dance floor let Prom begin……
IMG_7180 B
IMG_7213 B
IMG_7169 B
IMG_7255 B
they had these cookies with the Rock Academy logo on them
IMG_7135 B
What’s cool about a small school you know everyone and can play around IMG_7159 B
they dared him to eat a goldfish… and YES he did …
IMG_7281 B
In this pic the kids were using helium to make fun of some of the teachers that were they, the teachers were enjoying it.
IMG_7321 B
It was a great time now its time for these Seniors to get ready to go off to College and the Juniors to take Lead of this small school.  Lets keep them in Prayer.. 🙂

Rock Baptism

Once again the Rock Photographers are blessed to be able to be in the water at the plunge while people come forward to show there faith in water baptism. there are many great shots that I got I can only show a few. I hope that you all can see your own pic. it was great being there with you all as you showed your faith in public.
it great to see what people friends faces look like when they see thre friends get dunk

a few more pics from Starlight Bowl

hello everyone, just had to show more pics from this location. cant wait to go back when the group gets to finish this project.

Do Something Clean Up at Starlight Bowl.

It was a great morning to see so many Rock members take apart some 4,000 chairs and the seat holders, then paint. they also painted the hallways, dressing rooms and cleaned up and got rid of some of the old sets that (have) been around for years. This was more than just a one day event lots more seats need to be worked on. I overheard how blessed this place was to have the Rock Church there, the Manager of Starlight even said she was going to attend a service… AMEN TO THAT… 🙂 here are a few pictures from the event. IMG_6034