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Lisa Ronco

Raquel & Bayani :: Hitched!

Our friends Raquel and Bayani got married on 11:11:11.  Time to party…mixin it up on the turntables!

What to do with a bunch of photographers “attending” a wedding…watch out!

The Rock Photographers and MISSION focused wish only the best for Mr. & Mrs. Bayani Atienza as they begin their new life together in Christ!   Thanks for sharing your lives with us!



Mission-Focused is having a series of classes for anyone who is interested in the business aspect of photography. We are a team of young growing professionals who meet everyother Monday and discuss the various aspects and challenges of setting up a photography business. We will be meeting this Monday (March 21) at 5PM in Kearney Mesa at 8525 Gibbs Dr. Ste 206 San Diego, CA 92123

This upcoming Monday’s discussion topic is branding. We will be discussing the following:

A. Logos
B. Website (hosting, domain names, templates, etc.)
C. Blogs
D. Packaging
E. Emails / Correspondence
F. Business Cards
G. Graphic Design
H. Promo Videos

If you’re interested please email Trevor at: firstkissproductions@gmail.com for further details.

rock cancer care photos for 2011 calendar

miracle child…angel martinez

last year i had a conversation with patty, who is part of rock cancer care (www.rockcancercare.org).  she mentioned that they wanted to do a calendar to help support the ministry and raise awareness in the community about the different services they provided.  she thought it was too late for 2011, but i said lets give it a try and see if we can get it done.  the calendars are done, and you can email them about getting yourself a calendar…its not too late plus it goes to a good cause.   info@rockcancercare.org

each month you can read more about each person and how God has been working in their lives.  to God the Glory!

everyone we took photos of is either a cancer survivor or is currently battling cancer.  terry schwartz, lisa ronco, cyndy smith and brotherjoe, thats me…we took photos over a 3 week period at the ferry landing in coronado.  it was a blessing to be part of the calendar.

melinda bennett

yolanda garza

dani gray

alan mora

dennis chocalas

linette oliver

judy mcintyre

leo marquez

david angleton

maria & angel martinez

lynn mclaughlin

jon graves & sons

tiffany and brian

carol aby


Mike Clark Band is now After Eden

The Mike Clark Band led worship today and was amazing as usual! They shared with us their exciting new band name “After Eden” and have a new CD coming out early 2011.



Lisa Ronco
Rock Photographer

August 2010 Calendar

Howdy All!

Our August Calendars are now available for your desktops. Enjoy!

2560 x 1600

1024 x 768

2560 x 1600

1024 x 768

2560 x 1600

1024 x 768

Military Monday: Mendoza Family

Energy. Happiness. Love. These three words summed up my session with the Mendoza family on Monday. They harbored so much affection for one another and joy poured out of their smiles like rivers! Arlette and Jesus looked adoringly at each other as their little ones ran around the field, trusting that they wouldn’t go too far. Sure enough, Sofia and Alex came sprinting back, laughing and rolling around in the grass. This family truly knows how to have fun!

I was happy to join in! I found myself laughing with each click of the shutter and I thanked God for such an enjoyable experience. I love it when families invite me into their world and for just an hour I get a taste of who they are. Sofia was sweet and giggly, Alex was a clown and goofy, and Arlette and Jesus still share that puppy love for each other. They were a beautiful family.

I pray that God continues to bless the Mendoza family… that the sun always shines this strong in their lives and in their hearts. Thank you Lord for Jesus who serves our country and for Arlette, Alex and Sofia who sacrifice him being away.



IMG_0039 copy

IMG_0076 copy




IMG_0055 copy










A special thanks to Trevor Stolebarger and Lisa Ronco for helping out with this shoot. It’s always a pleasure!

I’m Batman

I had a great time shooting Bruce’s 1 year photographs tonight, he was kind enough to bring his daddy Bruce and mommy Alicia, his uncle, and his grand parents who came all the way out from Tennessee to celebrate his 1st birthday.  I had shot their family portraits a ways back so I was excited to get to see the Estep family again tonight, it’s fun to see how fast kids grow up.  Anyways, I had a great time shooting tonight with Malia and Lisa, we decided to break the mold to avoid a creative block (sort of like writer’s block) so we shot around Liberty Station this evening.  It provided us with a lot of great backdrops to work with and we were glad we made that decision.  I got to learn more from Malia who is great at posing which is something I am wanting to get better at. anyways, here some pics from tonight. . .

July 2010 Calendar

Howdy All,

July wallpapers are here, enjoy . . .

2560 x 1600

1024 x 768

2560 x 1600

1024 x 768

2560 x 1600

1024 x 768

DOing Something at Fire Station 18

There was another DO Something event on Saturday June 19th where small group teams went to local fire stations to help spruce up the facilities. I went to Fire Station 18 in North Park where our group painted and did some landscaping. While we cannot thank them enough for their service, they were so appreciative that we were there to help.

Walk Down Memory Lane

The Rock Cancer C.A.R.E ministry exists to serve cancer patients, cancer survivors, family members and caregivers by filling the “Gaps” in cancer care.  They celebrated their 2nd annual Walk Down Memory Lane with a 5k walk around Liberty Station and fun family activities. The team of volunteers have touched so many lives and it was clear to see with all the smiling faces!

Visit www.rockcancercare.org for more information on how you can help this great ministry!

Lisa Ronco

Miles Ahead-Grand Cayman Slideshow

I’ve been meaning to post my slideshow of the photos I took on our trip to Grand Cayman. It’s been a month since we’ve been back and I miss the island and its beautiful people. God did amazing things through us and I was blessed to take photos of these special moments. Enjoy!

Lisa Ronco


I had the pleasure of taking pics of my good friends Angie and Parker, their first pics since being married a few years back.  Angie and I worked together in the past, and although she is still working on her accent I can finally understand the majority of what she says 🙂  Her husband Parker recently got back from deployment and I have enjoyed getting to know him as well.

Do Something – Inspiration Point

I was blessed to shoot the Do Something volunteers at Balboa Park Inspiration Point. God was definitely at work and it was amazing to see everyone so happy to be there! By removing ground cover, laying mulch, and planting tree’s & flowers, they transformed this corner of Balboa Park into a beautiful place.

hot lights are great for keeping food warm

last monday we took a break from shooting military families and opened up our time for shooters to come and practice shooting under the lights in a “studio” setting.  the lights are constant, borrowed from production.  not the most ideal for photography, but they were free.  plus, part of the fun of photography is learning to shoot in conditions less than ideal, because much of the time, we have no choice.  kind of like what God said to Job,

Job 38:19  Where does light come from, and where does darkness go?

as photographers it would be great to be able to control the sun and moon, to get the most ideal light for each shoot, but we cant.  thats what monday was all about.  having fun while shooting…pluse it was nice to have some folks come and let us take pics of them.

id like to thank hayden for blessing us with his skills and not charging us his normal rate to pose for us.   the lamb sisters for being so much fun to shoot, and victoria and nicole, for blessings us as well.

most of the pics i took were using an old projector hooked up to my computer.  we projected different pics of textures on a screen.  what i didnt see was the images we used had a fine grid texture to it, and wasnt noticeable in camera…oh well, made the pics look more moody and dramatic.

lisa took this last photo below of hayden

hayden relaxing, his work was done