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Israel 2012: Selah Tour Info Meeting with Pastor Dan

Pastor Dan

Come join us on July 13th, 7pm at the rock for an Israel Selah Tour info meeting.  Pastor Dan will be joining us this evening as he shares about his experiences in Israel and how it will change the way you read God’s Word.  “A trip to Israel will change your life!  Come walk the land where it all began.”

If you have been thinking about going to Israel, this is your chance to come and hear more about the Land and ask questions.  All are welcome, feel free to invite your friends.

And evening with Koinonia Institute’s Dan Stolebarger, our guide for the 2012 Israel Selah Tour. 

July 13th, 2011   7pm at the rock   Room 353

Sea of Galilee

for more info about the Selah Israel Tour please go HERE

SELAH: Israel Trip May 2012

We are excited to announce our first trip to the Holy Land…

MISSION focused is going to Israel with K House in May 2012

If you’ve never been to Israel and have always wanted to go…this is the time.  Like many of you, i have friends who have been to Israel…and the stories you hear make you want to go and experience the Land for yourself!

Unlike many of the trips to Israel…this is gonna be a sloooow trip!

SELAH: “Pause and listen.”

This tour is a time to do just that and is geared towards those who want in-depth Bible teaching and also a photographer’s dream…time to NOT rush through the Land but rather to ponder through the Land, either through personal time of reflection or through the lens of your camera…or both!

We are going with Pastor Dan Stolebarger & K House, who will be leading and teaching us about the Land.  This is a dream tour for photographers and those who want to visit Israel at a more contemplative pace.

space is limited…if you’re interested please email us…


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