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Horizon North County

Horizon Fall Festival

Our friend and fellow photographer Dr. Jim has been taking photos at Horizon North County for quite some time now.  I had the pleasure of meeting him a few years back and since then, I’ve helped him photograph several different events at Horizon.  He has helped MISSION focused photograph several events over the years as well.

Photography can be a very solitary art at times.  It’s not uncommon to hear about photographers waiting days, weeks and even years… for the perfect photo.  Much of that time in the middle of nowhere all by themselves.

With a little extra effort, it can  be a time of community and sharing, where photographers come together and learn from each other.  This sharing of the creative process is in my opinion healthy, and beneficial.  There’s nothing like getting up in front of your fellow photographers and explaining why and how you took a certain photo.Last week I went to Horizon’s Annual Fall Festival with Cyndy and Danie, to help Dr. Jim take photos of this years festivities.  I think I have been to the last 3 or 4 of these, it’s always a great time and a wonderful alternative for young families who don’t want their kids roaming the neighborhood at night.  There’s tons of fun activities for big and little kids along with chairs, coffee and entertainment for the folks.

These are just a few of the photos that we took.  You can learn more about Horizon North County HERE.  Enjoy.

Alliance Conference 2011 :: Words & Images by Susan Daughters

I’ve known Susan for many years and have been trying to get her to come and help take photos at events for some time.  It was a blessing to have her join MISSION focused as we helped document this years Alliance Conference at Horizon North County.  She has graciously shared her thoughts from her first experience documenting with us…Good work Susan.

This was not only my first time at an Alliance Conference, but my first time doing photography in low lighting as a ministry (MISSION focused).  It was truly amazing to witness the Lord working in the hearts of youth and watching how God was using this event to equip our youth for ministry.  I have two teenage kids of my own that thoroughly enjoyed the main speakers as well as the workshops.Also, because I am “low light challenged” as a photographer, I relied heavily on prayer.  I asked the Lord to help me find unobtrusive yet spirit led images that would honor Him.  I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for honoring this request.  All photos that turned out, were due to His grace!
It was such a blessing to be a part of the Alliance Conference!

To see more photos from the Alliance Conference that Susan and the team took please visit www.MISSIONfocused.smugmug.com or go HERE


I had the pleasure this past Saturday to share my love and passion for photographers at the youth Alliance Conference held at Horizon North County this past weekend. It was fun to encourage these teens to do more with their photography along with the opportunity they have to really give back with photography. I don’t usually realize that I’m growing up until I notice some gray hairs starting to show up which I usually blame on the Chiefs performance as of late but I did realize it when trying to explain what photography was like for me at their age. Yup, that means film, paying a ton for 1 hour photographs, and no internet to share the photographs I had taken. Hopefully I was able to inspire some to start using facebook and twitter and really share their photographs and continue to document the good going on in the world along with the stories behind the photographs they create.

I had an amazing time with the Mission Focused team, check out the images on facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.287693614594345.75820.169983526365355&type=1

foto peeps…fun at the beach: learn on the fly

we will be at the beach this wednesday, sep 1st.  meet us at la jolla shores at 5pm, as we join our photo friends at horizon north county to help document their summer beach baptism.  photography is fun, and learning to photograph at the beach as the sun sets and people are getting baptised…is gonna be fun and a blessing.

all are welcome, so bust out the slippas and lets go praise God as folks profess publicly their faith in Christ!

if your interested in joining us, please email us at photoministry@therocksandiego.org