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Epic SHM

Epic Summer Camp: Saturday

saturday morning was full of activity, starting with morning devotionals and worship, leading into small group time.  after lunch, group games on the field and more small group time.  they finished the day with worship & God’s Word.

you can see more photos from the weekend at www.MISSIONfocused.smugmug.com

epic summer camp: homesick

i love camp.  it was at camp that i heard the call of Christ and began my walk with Jesus…its been at camp that ive had the honor to walk with young men as they first made commitments to Jesus…and its been at camp that i have had the privilege to document the work of the Holy Spirit as He worked  and moved in the lives of the leaders & counselors as they shared their lives with jr and sr hi students over the years.

ive lost track of how many times ive been to camp…but every camp experience is different and God never ceases to amaze me as i get to witness His Grace and Mercy in action!


chad w his daughter

there was a young man, he looked like he might be going into his freshman year…not sure.  i saw him several times crying…someone said he was homesick…for the sake of this post lets say he was.

as i watched, i was impressed by how many of his fellow students came to comfort him.  the idea of being homesick stuck with me the rest of the weekend.

this wasnt the first time ive seen kids be “homesick,” it happens fairly frequently.  why it made an impression on me more this time i dont really know why… what i do know is what God revealed to me.

i like the photos above because it reminds me that i need to remember who i am in God.  i am a child of God.  no matter what comes my way, my Dad is still in charge and right there beside me.   and i need to remember that as fun as camp can be and as adventurous as life is, with God…i am just a visitor here.  this is my temporary home (to steal a line from carrie underwood).  and maybe i need to be more homesick.

as i really thought about the concept of being homesick, what comes to mind is a desire to be somewhere where we belong, a place of safety.   it really is a better place.  as followers of Christ, our home is in Heaven, with Jesus.  i think sometimes we get to comfortable here on earth.  as if this is all there is, this is as good as it gets.  we know this isnt true from God’s Word, and that whats to come is much better,  philippians 1:21  to live is Christ and to die is gain.

luke 14:26  If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters–yes, even his own life–he cannot be my disciple.

our love for God and our desire to be with Him, must be so great that it looks like we hate everything else in comparison.

when was the last time you were homesick?

Epic Summer Camp has Begun

EPIC{rock high school ministry} Summer Camp is this weekend and guess where im at…you can see more photos on our facebook site

rock epic san diego summer camp

summer camp was a blast.  check out this video they made…then you can go to the rock website to see the photo gallery or just go HERE


epic takes over indian hills camp…

i love camp.

goin to camp always gets me fired up.  friday was no exception. one of the greatest blessings for me, as part of the rock photographers, has been the chance to go to camps with the rock academy and rock youth ministries.  over the years ive been privileged  to get know many of the kids and ive known quite a few since they were in jr hi and in the case of rock academy students, even before that. so to see them at epic hi school summer camp is really a treat.

those who know that im heading to mexico in 3 days may think im crazy.  i was thinking the same thing as i was packing up my gear yesterday.  but as they started rolling into camp i decided to use this time to prepare myself for God was gonna be doin in mexico.

in case there was any doubts…once worship started, i was blessed and humbled once again.  i love taking pictures of folks, young and old, fully abandoned worshiping our God!  but its especially sweet to see hi school folks who dont care what others think and are willing to praise God whole heartedly.  thats not to say that every student here was like this, not yet at least…there were folks lookin around, and a few you could tell wanted to raise their arms but were scared.  thats ok.  theyre here and more importantly, the Holy Spirit is here!

after worship, they showed the movie to save a life. it was originally released in the theaters last year, and ive heard nothing but good stuff about the movie.  so i was glad to see it and more so, after i saw it.  the readers digest version of the movie is its about hi school students getting serious about their relationship with Christ and looking to make a difference in their world.  not just when things are good, but in the bad times as well.  and seeking out those kids that others look down and make fun of…realizing that we all have baggage and issues, and to not let appearances fool you.

after the movie, pastor mark asked that they break into hi school classes and pray that God would allow them to be the difference in their schools, that they would be the one to show the Love of Christ to others in their schools.  they closed the evening holding hands in prayer and praise to God!

epic spring break kickoff

rock epic high school ministries began the spring break with a huge blow out at the rock on friday nite.  bands, music, inflatable fun where you could beat your friends down…fun stuff

Rock Sr High Ministries

the rock sr high ministries have begun their new year of ministry.  the cafeteria was packed with hi school students from all over san diego.  there were over 220 students who came on wed nite to have fun, learn more about Jesus, and for a chance to win an ipod.  the godkins lead worship and pastor mark shared the Good News.  for more info about shm at the rock you can check out their website HERE.