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Do Something San Diego Cleanup

Do Something World | Barrio Logan

Every time I go to shoot a Do Something World Event I am so impressed with how many people have come out to work and how organized it is. This Barrio Logan event had 15 designated work areas running 6 big city blocks between National Ave. and Logan Ave. This also included the Chicano Park area and the Paradise Senior Center. There was somewhere around 700-800 people working hard to display God’s Love to those living in this neighborhood.

I especially enjoy seeing the families out working together. Mothers & Daughters, Fathers & Daughters, Mothers & Sons

There were a large variety of different projects completed on Saturday morning. Volunteers weeded, trim trees & bushes, clean out drainage ditches, repair sprinkler, landscaped with new plants, put down tons of mulch, swept streets & sidewalks, cleaned up graffiti, power washed a roof, stairs and sidewalks, and paint inside and out.

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Do Something World – Barrio Logan

Yet again the Rock Church through our Do Something World actions helped the community of Barrio Logan with some clean up, painting and other repairs.  God was really working through the participants and it was truly awesome to see people pitch in to help the people in this area of San Diego.

We ministered to the homeless as well during our time there and it was great to even see people who were not with the church helping.  One homeless person was busy picking up trash and other debris from around his shelter.  He also had some good conversation with some of the volunteers as he assisted with the efforts.  I would have loved to have gotten the photos but sometimes you just have to know when to put the camera down either to help out or out of respect for someones privacy.  While the gentleman was very helpful he felt ashamed of his situation and didn’t want to be photographed.  Hopefully the Lord will bring better times to this kind homeless man so that he can participate from a different perspective in our next event.  Sometimes you run into people who are mentally challenged,  addicted to something, or just on a bad run of things but more and more it is happening to people who just can’t find a job.  It happens more times than you think  in this economy and we have to remember that we are all just a couple of steps from being on the street.  Pray that this gentleman and many of the homeless get the assistance they need to get off the street and into a home.  The colder weather is coming and any way you can help is appreciated.

Ok now for some of the photos from the event.  Brother Joe should be posting the complete collection soon.


Jim Wanglund

Do Something At Fire Station 3

Last Saturday the Do Something event had volunteers from The Rock Church working diligently at a variety of locations.  Four Fire Stations in the downtown area were cleaned, painted and planted. Volunteers also worked in Pt. Loma on two clean up/ beautification projects.

Smiling faces greet volunteers even though it is very early in the morning.

The kitchen was thoroughly cleaned before the painting began.

This is the second time I have shot a Do Something event and I am just as touched this time as the first.  What a blessing to be able to captures in photos these incredible volunteers as they give up their Saturday to work enthusiastically for their community.  The volunteers painted all the upstairs living areas, the kitchen and garage area.

It continues to makes me very proud of The Rock Church as people of all ages live out what they have been taught on Sundays.

A bad water problem was fixed with the installation of a drainage pipe.

Pastor Gary bring the new plants to spruce up the outside of the Fire Station.What a great day of service as people showed God’s love to the Fire personnel of Station 3. To see more photos go to our FaceBook page.

DSW | More photos from Saturday

we loaded more photos from saturday on our facebook site.  you can see them HERE

Do Something World | Pt Loma Cleanup & Beautification

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to capture the Do Something Event at the Nimitz and Point Loma Blvd location where volunteers from the Rock church were mulching and landscaping a huge area that had become over run with weeds and brush. This was my first gig with the Photography Ministry and I was excited to be able to show all of the work that had been done that day by the people of the Rock Church.
It has been said that ‘The Good News of salvation is that we can’t be saved by living a good life; we are saved only by faith in Jesus Christ. But the gospel transforms people’s lives, so that they eventually preform good deeds. Our service won’t save us, but we are saved to serve.’ {NIV Study Bible}
I have to say that seeing people do manual labor on a beautiful Saturday in San Diego, rising as early as 5 or 6am on their day off to make it to the site by 7 to get filthy and dirty working for hours and then undoubtedly sore and aching by the end of the day is somewhat of an odd site to the watching world around. And watch they did. That intersection was packed with onlookers coming from all directions going to most likely relish the sun and enjoy a day of relaxation after a busy week. I snapped away and spoke with the volunteers I was struck by the smiles plastered all over their faces, smugged with dirt as they may be.
The entire vibe as like a family reunion or gathering of close friends, just sweating and working instead of chatting and eating. Everyone serving together, young and old, every ethnicity and demographic present and working in unison to complete the task at hand. It was a beautiful picture of the power of the gospel; that when executed rightly, not dividing but uniting for the common good and an example to the watching world around. In that span of several hours those volunteers served as a wittiness to hundreds and thousands of on lookers who may not otherwise ever set foot in a church.
A picture is worth a thousand words and I hope you see what I saw that day, that Christ has transformed these people by the gift of his love and through that they were compelled to good deeds such as this as an outpouring of that gift.
you can see more photos on our facebook page or by going HERE

Let’s “Do Something” at Station 19

I have attempted to show in these few photos the elements of Saturday morning; not only the labor of love but the fun and laughter as well.
I just wanted the viewer to see all the people involved in making the day a success as the Rock strove to show their love and appreciation for the heroes who serve our community.

I like this one, a kind of abstract of the life of the Station

Striking a pose in front of Station 19.  I know it’s not the best compositionally, with one girl in the sun and the  brother with sunlight on his face. I should have rearranged them but I was being photographically lazy(we dont recommend being lazy, but the reality is mistakes happen and photography is a craft you constantly have to hone).
Deputy Chief Lorraine Hutchinson with Pastor Gary.  She gave a very nice and appreciative thank you speech to the Rock Peeps.
These photos were my attempt to show some work but also to be ascetically interesting. With each one I used a flash so that their faces and work was not dark and unusable from the back light and to save detail while retaining the blue of the sky. I liked the composition, with him looking trough the ladder down at me.
Wanted to show the fun and laughter had by all…Stepping away from her brush to take out a punching bag. A quick capture of some of the rockers being sprayed with water in a moment of fun and laughter…
It was a good day of service and I chance to but action behind our words of love, to live our faith.

Serving In Serra Mesa

The Do Something Event in Serra Mesa is not just about saving the government money; it is about seeing a need and having  ample pride in our community to take time out of our own busy schedule and help meet that need.

****to see more photos that cyndy, lisa & terry took go visit our fb site HERE!****

A variety of people from all different walks of life, educational bsckgrounds, ages, ethnic groups and income levels worked side by side to clean up and beautify the Serra Mesa Recreational Center.

“I am in them and you are in me. May they experience such perfect unity that the world will know that you sent me and that you love them as much as you love me.” John 17:23

Families donated their time and talents while teaching their children an important lesson; that serving others can be fun.

Our church family is unified as they work together to serve the community.

DOing Something at Fire Station 18

There was another DO Something event on Saturday June 19th where small group teams went to local fire stations to help spruce up the facilities. I went to Fire Station 18 in North Park where our group painted and did some landscaping. While we cannot thank them enough for their service, they were so appreciative that we were there to help.

DOing SOMETHING at local SDFD Stations

On Saturday June the 19th the Rock DO SOMETHING campaign went to 9 Fire Stations & 1 life guard station.  while 1825 and high school & jr highers cleaned up Skyline Park.  I was Blessed to travel to 5 Fire Stations, each Station needed different projects done. I started my day at Station 17 which is called the HUB. It is the busiest station in the country it covers the Talmadge area.
Here is the group that handled this project.
IMG_8578 1
this room is the main room where the Fire Fighters watch tv.  Before…
IMG_8587 1
IMG_8765 1
Then I made my way up to Station 34 in the San Carlos area.
IMG_8603 1
here are all the helpers that came out to pull weeds paint all the rooms.
IMG_8650 1
painting the PINK walls… yes the guys sleeping rooms were pink…
IMG_8610 1
IMG_8613 1
my next stop was in Bay Park, at Station 25.
IMG_8675 1
pulling more weeds.
IMG_8681 1
now its off to La Jolla, Station 16 near Mount Soledad
IMG_8687 1
IMG_8714 1
group picture at Station 16
IMG_8702 1
my last stop was in Mira Mesa, Station 38.
IMG_8739 1
IMG_8731 1
IMG_8734 1
what a great day this was and all the Fire Fighters came up to me and said “thank the church staff and all the helpers for all they do.”  🙂

Do Something – Inspiration Point

I was blessed to shoot the Do Something volunteers at Balboa Park Inspiration Point. God was definitely at work and it was amazing to see everyone so happy to be there! By removing ground cover, laying mulch, and planting tree’s & flowers, they transformed this corner of Balboa Park into a beautiful place.

dont stop do-ing something…

its funny, that when i took the above pictures it was gloomy overcast day, with rain falling later that day.  saturday was a beautiful day…monday was another beautiful day, with some clouds creating some nice contrast to the blue sky.  if you havent had a chance to walk down laurel st bridge since saturday, you really must see it with your own eyes.  what was a pretty beat up looking wall is now pristine looking, like a new bridge.  folks may not realize what happened on saturday all over san diego, with over 1500 rock peeps working to keep san diego beautiful, but thats ok.  God knows, the mayor knows, and thats cool. the problem is that folks dont help out, dont do something, the rest of the time.  we get busy with life and our circle of christian friends, that there is no motivation to do something until the “next” big event.  God has given all of us gifts of time, talent and treasure…to paraphrase pastor miles, and we need to go and serve…as unto the Lord.  not waiting for the big events where lots of folks come out to help.  if more christians were to help out on a regular basis, in the small things, there would be such a need for the big events, because the work was being done already.

in the same way, i think that shooting weddings, family pics, and senior portraits is fun, and the pay can be good as well…but thats not good enough anymore.  just as God has called all of us to use our gifts to impact and change the world, for His Glory, the question to me as a photographer is how am i using this gift for good, for His Kingdom.   i like the picture below,because its a great illustration of biblical truths.  Ecclesiastes 4 tells us that a cord of 3 strands is not easily broken, and God tells us in Hebrews 10 to spur one another on to good deeds, and in Galatians 6 we are to carry each others burdens.  before this picture was taken, the tall kid tried to pull the dirt leveler by himself and he wasnt strong enough to do it.  but with the help of the other 2, it was easier and kids being kids, they had fun “working.”

lets not get discouraged by the amount of work that needs to be done.  both in the physical and spiritual world, but “let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”   (Hebrews 10:24-25)

its truly a blessing to watch what God is doing at the rock, and its a daily struggle sometimes to remember that what i do is for the Lord, not man.  but thankfully He has surrounded me with some great friends (and photographers) who keep me in check and remind me that we serve a great and powerful God who demands excellence in all we do. that He would be praised!  To God the Glory!!

Jackie Robinson YMCA, Do Something World

a few more pics from Starlight Bowl

hello everyone, just had to show more pics from this location. cant wait to go back when the group gets to finish this project.

Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

DO SOMETHING!: Laurel St. Bridge

Nothing is Impossible. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. I was blessed to document the hard work of the team at Laurel St. Bridge today. Here are some shots!

shoot something…sd cleanup

chillin at the y, lookin for THE shot….what a blessed day!  praise God!!

Jackie Robinson YMCA Clean-up

these are pics john raymond took.  he is new to the team…sort of…he was with us and moved away, but we never really gave him the boot.  but hes back and its good to have him shooting as part of the team!

Do Something Clean Up at Starlight Bowl.

It was a great morning to see so many Rock members take apart some 4,000 chairs and the seat holders, then paint. they also painted the hallways, dressing rooms and cleaned up and got rid of some of the old sets that (have) been around for years. This was more than just a one day event lots more seats need to be worked on. I overheard how blessed this place was to have the Rock Church there, the Manager of Starlight even said she was going to attend a service… AMEN TO THAT… 🙂 here are a few pictures from the event. IMG_6034

Do Something Balboa Park Clean Up (Morley Field & Florida Canyon)

What a great day to serve the community of San Diego and the Lord.  The Rock was back at Balboa Park to continue our clean up efforts and to help our neighbors by making Balboa Park a better place.  We are not letting budget cuts and the economy keep us from enjoying our parks.  WE ARE A DO SOMETHING CHURCH!  It is hard work to donate your time and energy to help our neighbors but in the end it is all worth it.  We definitely had some fun as well as putting in some hard work for the city and what better way could we bless the place in which we live.  Hope you enjoy the pics and keep an eye out for our gallery with whole collection from all of the locations we worked today.


Jim Wanglund

Rock Photographer