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Balboa Park

Sharing is Caring :: time to share photos from Saturday’s excursion to Balboa Park

The scene…over 325,000 San Diegan’s came to this years event at Balboa Park

Tonight, December 7th, 7pm in Rm 353….Come join us as we share photos from last weekends Christmas on the Prado (aka December Nights).  All are welcome, even if you didn’t make it down to Balboa Park last weekend.

For those sharing photos from this weekend, please bring (5) five photos you would like to share with the class…that’s because sharing is caring.

Museum of Modern Art….after the rush

Photo Class & Events: What’s happening through the end of the year…

Keep your eyes on this post as we will be adding more information to the below activities after our next meeting. We have a ton of things planned to do over the next few weeks so come out and join us for some photo fun. ALL are welcome to come out and experience our classes and events. We are going to end the year strong and take a few weeks off during Christmas and the new year before coming back in January to resume basic classes from the beginning. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

– Wednesday 11/30/11 @ 7-9pm
Join us for photo class at the Rock room 353. We will be sharing 5 photos that we have taken over the last week during the holiday. We will also be talking about the upcoming events for the rest of year.

– Saturday 12/3/11 @ 4-10pm
Christmas On The Prado aka December Nights at Balboa Park. Get there early as parking is limited.
The event starts at Noon in case you want to wander on your own first. We will be meeting at 4pm in front of the Photographic Arts building. The museums are open to public for free from 5-9pm. You can find out more information at the links provided below.

December Nights website:

Map of events (Print before going): http://www.balboapark.org/sites/default/files/decembernights_map_2011.jpg

Event list (Print before going):

– Wednesday 12/7/11 @ 7-9pm
Let’s get together at the Rock Church room 353 and go over the photos from Christmas On The Prado.

– Wednesday 12/14/11 @ 7-9pm – CANCELLED
Class Christmas potluck & lesson on fireworks photography

– Sunday 12/18/11 @ 4:30pm Sharp
San Diego Parade Of Lights – Location TBD
Come join us for fireworks photography and the parade of boat lights on the bay.

Website: http://www.sdparadeoflights.org/

There is much to do before the end of the year and many opportunities to check us out. Again we welcome everyone no matter what the skill level to join us for any of the events or classes. More to come soon about the above events and what we have planned for next year. Keep your eyes on the Mission Focused site to find out what’s going on with the team, classes, and events.


Jim Wanglund

last official photo peeps class of the year this wed nite at the rock church so dont miss it or you will be sad…

photo peeps, this wed nite, 7pm, room 352 at the rock.  come and have fun with us!

this will be our last official class, concluding our intro to photography series.  now that weve talked about the basics of the camera and photo composition…we will be talking about photo gear and equipment.

it will be a time to talk about cameras, lenses, flahses, tripods and other fun stuff.  we will be discussing the pros and cons of buying new vs. used equipment.  and whether you should buy locally, like at our friends at nelson photo in little italy, or buy online.  and things you should think about before you buy.

photography is fun!

rules are nice, but not set in stone.  its fun to break the rules every now and then.

but when it comes to buying gear…if the deal is too good to be true, it probably is!  buyer beware!

and just because you spent $5k on a brand new camera and lens package doesnt mean your gonna be the next ansel adams or jim wanglund.  learn to use and master what you got, learn to take photos that you like and are happy with…then no matter what you “upgrade”  to (a new camera) or “downgrade” to (a pinhole camera), you will have more fun!

we will also be sharing photos from our recent outing to balboa park on saturday nite as well.  come and have fun with us this wed nite.

any questions feel free to email us  photoministry@therocksandiego.org

hope to see yall this wed

december nites…bah humbug! its all about JESUS!

the rock photopeeps decided to go for a leisurely stroll around balboa park saturday evening, along with over a quarter million of our closest friends in san diego…it was a zoo of folks and the only ones not feeling crowded in balboa park were the animals in the zoo.  but what still is to me Christmas on the Prado in balboa park, is a san diego tradition and is always fun to run around and see all the people.

at the same time, lookin around, i couldnt help but think of the scripture where Jesus cleanses the temple….

And Jesus entered the temple and drove out all who sold and bought in the temple, and he overturned the tables of the money-changers and the seats of those who sold pigeons.  He said to them, “It is written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer,’ but you make it a den of robbers.”
(Matthew 21:12-13 ESV)

the city already changed the name of this yearly tradition…there were folks selling everything you could possibly think of…and traffic was so bad by the time you got parked and made your way into the crowds of people, you had to check yourself and leave the frustration of all that inorder to enjoy the festivities of “december nites.”  dec nites…every nite in dec is a dec nite, and then theres dec days, dec weekends, december you name it…

so, for me this weekend was a reminder to stay focused and try to make everyday a Jesus Day.  where i remind myself that Jesus was born to die.  that we all might have life because of what He did on the cross for us.  this time of year you see it around town and on peoples clothes…”Jesus is the Reason for the Season.”   others respond and say “He is the reason for all the seasons,” which is true.  but i say one season at a time.

lets remember why this time of year is so special.  family, friends, good will, tiny tim, ginsu knives, chia pets, a charlie brown Christmas and most importantly JESUS!

feelin the need to do something…

the work at starlight bowl, in balboa park continues on…over 200 rock folks came out on monday afternoon to help finish the work of painting and re-assembling the chairs at starlight bowl.   over a hundred came tonite to help finish the work.  more workers, the lighter the load…

if you wanna come out and enjoy the beautiful weather, and do something at the same time, come on down to starlight bowl.  work will continue wed-fri, 4pm-7pm and on saturday all day as well.  come on down, you never know who will show up….

Do Something – Inspiration Point

I was blessed to shoot the Do Something volunteers at Balboa Park Inspiration Point. God was definitely at work and it was amazing to see everyone so happy to be there! By removing ground cover, laying mulch, and planting tree’s & flowers, they transformed this corner of Balboa Park into a beautiful place.

dont stop do-ing something…

its funny, that when i took the above pictures it was gloomy overcast day, with rain falling later that day.  saturday was a beautiful day…monday was another beautiful day, with some clouds creating some nice contrast to the blue sky.  if you havent had a chance to walk down laurel st bridge since saturday, you really must see it with your own eyes.  what was a pretty beat up looking wall is now pristine looking, like a new bridge.  folks may not realize what happened on saturday all over san diego, with over 1500 rock peeps working to keep san diego beautiful, but thats ok.  God knows, the mayor knows, and thats cool. the problem is that folks dont help out, dont do something, the rest of the time.  we get busy with life and our circle of christian friends, that there is no motivation to do something until the “next” big event.  God has given all of us gifts of time, talent and treasure…to paraphrase pastor miles, and we need to go and serve…as unto the Lord.  not waiting for the big events where lots of folks come out to help.  if more christians were to help out on a regular basis, in the small things, there would be such a need for the big events, because the work was being done already.

in the same way, i think that shooting weddings, family pics, and senior portraits is fun, and the pay can be good as well…but thats not good enough anymore.  just as God has called all of us to use our gifts to impact and change the world, for His Glory, the question to me as a photographer is how am i using this gift for good, for His Kingdom.   i like the picture below,because its a great illustration of biblical truths.  Ecclesiastes 4 tells us that a cord of 3 strands is not easily broken, and God tells us in Hebrews 10 to spur one another on to good deeds, and in Galatians 6 we are to carry each others burdens.  before this picture was taken, the tall kid tried to pull the dirt leveler by himself and he wasnt strong enough to do it.  but with the help of the other 2, it was easier and kids being kids, they had fun “working.”

lets not get discouraged by the amount of work that needs to be done.  both in the physical and spiritual world, but “let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”   (Hebrews 10:24-25)

its truly a blessing to watch what God is doing at the rock, and its a daily struggle sometimes to remember that what i do is for the Lord, not man.  but thankfully He has surrounded me with some great friends (and photographers) who keep me in check and remind me that we serve a great and powerful God who demands excellence in all we do. that He would be praised!  To God the Glory!!

a few more pics from Starlight Bowl

hello everyone, just had to show more pics from this location. cant wait to go back when the group gets to finish this project.

Do Something Clean Up at Starlight Bowl.

It was a great morning to see so many Rock members take apart some 4,000 chairs and the seat holders, then paint. they also painted the hallways, dressing rooms and cleaned up and got rid of some of the old sets that (have) been around for years. This was more than just a one day event lots more seats need to be worked on. I overheard how blessed this place was to have the Rock Church there, the Manager of Starlight even said she was going to attend a service… AMEN TO THAT… 🙂 here are a few pictures from the event. IMG_6034

Do Something Balboa Park Clean Up (Morley Field & Florida Canyon)

What a great day to serve the community of San Diego and the Lord.  The Rock was back at Balboa Park to continue our clean up efforts and to help our neighbors by making Balboa Park a better place.  We are not letting budget cuts and the economy keep us from enjoying our parks.  WE ARE A DO SOMETHING CHURCH!  It is hard work to donate your time and energy to help our neighbors but in the end it is all worth it.  We definitely had some fun as well as putting in some hard work for the city and what better way could we bless the place in which we live.  Hope you enjoy the pics and keep an eye out for our gallery with whole collection from all of the locations we worked today.


Jim Wanglund

Rock Photographer

FREE! museum of photographic arts in balboa park

terry was kind enough to remind me that this tuesday, the museum of photographic arts in balboa park will be free to residents of san diego.  if you havent been there yet, go check it out.  cant beat the price. and there wont be the crazy crowds from this past weekend.  you can visit their website for more info HERE

this is from friday nite, balboa park, hayden taking his folks for a walk…

me goofing around, balboa park, near the museum of photograpic arts, friday nite

Christmas on the Prado Tonite!

trevor and i will be walking around balboa park tonite…Christmas on the Prado!

we are meeting at the museum of photographic arts at 430pm.  the museum is free to enter at 5pm, so we will wander around there for awhile then check out the sights and sounds of balboa park.

if you can join us, be at the museum at 430, hope to cya there.

***balboa park was jammed packed with folks, parking was tought to find, but if youve never been to Christmas on the Prado, you have to go at least once.

Rock Homeless Ministry at Balboa Park

the rock homeless ministry was out in force this past saturday, ministering in balboa park.  to see more pics from saturdays event please visit the rock website or just click HERE.

George Lepp at SD Zoo


George Lepp is coming to the SD Zoo this Saturday.  With your paid admission, you can visit relatives in the zoo and try out Canon cameras and lenses… check out the info below



Experience the Elephant Odyssey with Canon at the San Diego Zoo on June 27th from 2pm – 9pm!

Enjoy photographing San Diego’s most picturesque environment! Learn about photography from Canon’s experts throughout the entire San Diego Zoo. Canon representatives on-site will help you with wide angle, macro, and telephoto shots in different areas. Explore your creativity with help from the pros! Whether you are an amateur or professional, there are new tips for everyone. Stop by the Canon booth (before 5pm) to borrow a Canon SLR Digital Camera or other fantastic Canon equipment (while supplies last – restrictions apply).

After a day of shooting your favorite nature and wildlife scenes, see special guest speaker, George Lepp at the Wegeforth Bowl at 7:00pm. George Lepp: Canon Explorer of Light, one of North America’s best-known outdoor and nature photographers.