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iaomai guatemala 2011 :: liquid sanctuary (Ode to Miller)

in the middle of editing and processing photos from guatemala…so i thought id mix it up a bit and offer a tribute to my friend dave miller, coffee aficionado and all around good guy…

im no coffee snob.i like folgers.  afterall, its the best part of waking up…i like 7-11 coffee…especially with all those coffee flavors and free flavored syrup!i like starbucks coffee too…im no hater!  but i do know good coffee and i know what i like.  at a rest stop on the way down the mountain from huehue, i saw this machine and had to have an espressoan excellent espresso, at the end of a great week of ministry!

Coffee can be an other-worldly experience when its done at a high standard  and when the circumstances are right…it can serve as a place of sanctuary amidst the chaos around you.

i stumbled upon tretto caffe’, while we were having a tour of la casa del jade, in the city of antigua, guatemala.  what a blessing to find this joint.  i only wish i had more time to hang out and take in the vibe…and drink more coffee!my first ristretto cafe!  my goodness!  jam packed with flavor and richness and goodness!frosty, the owner of tretto caffe’, surrounded by his talented baristas

my second visit to tretto caffe’, located in “el jaulon” building (just a block off the center plaza of antigua), i met frosty and got to hear his passion for good coffee.  and his desire to be the best barista in guatemala.  theyve only been open for a few months…but if they continue to serve great coffee im sure they will do well.  he allowed me to take a few more photos of the process of making delicious coffee…

i call it the “art of the draw”this was cyndys latte’