harnessing the power of photography for good

Andrea Gallagher

Do Something World | Pt Loma Cleanup & Beautification

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to capture the Do Something Event at the Nimitz and Point Loma Blvd location where volunteers from the Rock church were mulching and landscaping a huge area that had become over run with weeds and brush. This was my first gig with the Photography Ministry and I was excited to be able to show all of the work that had been done that day by the people of the Rock Church.
It has been said that ‘The Good News of salvation is that we can’t be saved by living a good life; we are saved only by faith in Jesus Christ. But the gospel transforms people’s lives, so that they eventually preform good deeds. Our service won’t save us, but we are saved to serve.’ {NIV Study Bible}
I have to say that seeing people do manual labor on a beautiful Saturday in San Diego, rising as early as 5 or 6am on their day off to make it to the site by 7 to get filthy and dirty working for hours and then undoubtedly sore and aching by the end of the day is somewhat of an odd site to the watching world around. And watch they did. That intersection was packed with onlookers coming from all directions going to most likely relish the sun and enjoy a day of relaxation after a busy week. I snapped away and spoke with the volunteers I was struck by the smiles plastered all over their faces, smugged with dirt as they may be.
The entire vibe as like a family reunion or gathering of close friends, just sweating and working instead of chatting and eating. Everyone serving together, young and old, every ethnicity and demographic present and working in unison to complete the task at hand. It was a beautiful picture of the power of the gospel; that when executed rightly, not dividing but uniting for the common good and an example to the watching world around. In that span of several hours those volunteers served as a wittiness to hundreds and thousands of on lookers who may not otherwise ever set foot in a church.
A picture is worth a thousand words and I hope you see what I saw that day, that Christ has transformed these people by the gift of his love and through that they were compelled to good deeds such as this as an outpouring of that gift.
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