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Outhouses and Donkeys

I awoke in the middle of the night, raised my head off my fluffy soft pillows, rolled out of my big king-sized bed; my feet touched the floor, it was warm and soft. That feeling of carpet under my toes jolted me to the fact that I was not in Oaxaca anymore, but back home. That causes me to think about the pastors and their families who have such great love for their people that they live and work among them; bring hope and peace to them through God’s grace. They could choose to live in the USA with all our conveniences, like carpet instead of concrete or dirt floors. And indoor bathroom instead of ones you have to walk outside to use. But, they don’t.

Typical bathrooms we used in the village of San Pedro. Raquel is not really using it at this time just posing for the picture.

Typical way to plow a field.

Typical way to transport water from the stream to their homes.

Typical way to cook over an open, smokey fire.

Every time I return from a mission trip I wonder again why was I born here in the USA instead of in a place where life is so hard? Why do I get to live this life that includes vacations and amenities that most of the world can never even dream about? I have no answers to these questions just prayers for those around the world and a hope that my travels will open the eyes to people in the USA who seem to have no time or money for anyone but themselves.

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