harnessing the power of photography for good

Oaxaca Medical:: Portraits

What happens too often in “missions photography” is those serving bring their cameras, in all its forms, and take photos…then they show the photo in the small screen and that’s that!  They go home, share photos on facebook, tell stories of what God did and talk about going back soon (most never do).

Seeking to use photography in new and creative ways to bring honor and glory to God…we began taking family portraits in Oaxaca, Mexico.  We print and give photos to those whose photos we took.  Hopefully building trust and respect with the folks Adventures in Life is seeking to minister to.  

We have learned that what we take for granted in the states is something they really don’t worry about, since family photos are a luxury item.  So when we can give them the photo we just took, it’s powerful stuff.  Our hope is that through photography, another opportunity to share about God’s Love will happen during the delivery of these photos.

Interested in using your gifts to help us photograph what God is doing in Mexico, let us know!  For now you can visit the Adventures in Life Facebook page HERE to view more photos.

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