harnessing the power of photography for good

Hope versus Despair

The church that we held the clinic at was in the village of San Baltazar. In the yard behind the church is a house and weaving factory. The family was very friendly and let us take pictures of them working. The little boys were also flying a homemade kite in the yard, it was encouraging to see the joy on their faces.

A small group of us walked to a few houses for people who could not come to the clinic today. It was a heart breaking experience as we heard their stories and saw were they lived. Juan and his wife had lived in their house for over 40 years; she became sick and blind about three years ago. Two years ago she came to Adventures In Live’s first medical clinic and saw Jolene.  The following year Jolene and Raquel went to visit her in her home, at 81 years old there was not much they could do for her except love on her.  They took a photo of the couple and prayed with them. She passed away 6 months ago. In this photo Juan is looking at that picture and he has his hand over his heart, he is so sad and cries in pain because he misses her so much.

He tells us all about her last days on earth, how much the funeral cost, how he wants to live in his own home and not with his brother and again and again how much he misses her. He does not have very many possessions but he wants to show us his Bible. All six of us in that little house had tears in our eyes as we prayed that God would comfort him in his loss.

This lady had some kind of accident that caused her not to be able to walk. The Church has been ministering to her and last year’s team visited her at her house. She was so thankful to have us come and see her, she cried and kissed all of us. All we could really do for her is pray. As we were leaving her brother ask us to pray for him too as it is so difficult to take care of her. He kissed each of our hands as we said our good-byes. The struggles of theses peoples lifes are hard for us to comprehend.

The hope is that the living conditions and the spiritual conditions of the people here can be improved by the help of God’s people both here in Mexico and those from the United States. Then the kids here can grow up in a place with more opportunities and hope.

See what else is going on in Oaxaca on Adventures in Life Facebook page.

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