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Med Team Oaxaca:: Buenas Noches, Buenas Dias, and Good Day

Cyndy and brotherjoe made it to Oaxaca, safe and sound, Praise God!  Thankfully the trip was uneventful, if you don’t count the psycho racist dude that sat next to us on the plane from LAX to Houston.

The above photo was my view out the window of the plane from Houston to Oaxaca.  Having some fun with my little Canon camera.We met up with Dave Miller at Casa Arnel then it was time to eat!  We walked down the street to this great little restaurant, Taqueria El Primo.Dinner!

It’s a beautiful morning in Oaxaca.  I’m sitting at the dinner table enjoying fresh squeezed jugo de naranja (orange juice) and a plate of fresh fruit with yogurt.  The fruit plate has fresh mangoes, papayas, apple, cantaloupe and bananas.  If you find yourself in Oaxaca, and you really should, stop off and enjoy the comforts of Casa Arnel.

After breakfast were gonna do a little walking around in the Zocalo, then we jump on a bus for Tlacolula, where we will be home based for the week.  Thank yall for your travel prayers, and stay tuned as we continue to post during the week.

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