harnessing the power of photography for good

Oaxaca 2012 :: The Power of Photography

Having been to Oaxaca several times now…the goal at first was to help document the work of God as through Adventures in Life in Oaxaca.  As we look to the future, 2012 and beyond, our goal hasn’t changed and I believe God has allowed Mission Focused to see more, a bigger picture if you will, of how we can use photography to bless others and continue to show the world what He is doing in the mission field.

Dave Miller with the Mission Focused crew, in the market enjoying some traditional Oaxacan helado(ice cream)

In past trips to Oaxaca, Terry Schwartz, Jim Wanglund and Cyndy Smith have seen first hand what God is doing.  As we continue to beat the drum of using photography to document the work of God in Oaxaca, and in other parts of the world, we would love for you to join us.

For now, our focus is firmly on Oaxaca, but there are folks who wonder what its like or if it’s safe…take a look at this interview I did with Dave on my last trip to Oaxaca.  Mission Focused is preparing to go down to Oaxaca at least 2 more times this year.  If you are interested in coming down to minister with your camera or without,  let us know, we would be glad to talk with you more.

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