harnessing the power of photography for good

People of The Second Chance

People of The Second Chance is a global movement of radical grace and second chances. They are a group of people who want to combat JUDGEMENT with tangible acts of GRACE and LOVE.

This past weekend 22 people gathered in an old basement in Corona to be a part of a photo shoot that will be used to promote POTSC’s new “Labels Lie” campaign.   My niece, Ashley, is on staff with the POTSC; she asked my son, Ethan, and his girlfriend, Jenn, to be photographed. I came along for the fun and enjoyed doing some photo taking myself.

Hairstylists, Makeup and Special Effects Artists creating the “Look” for the photo shoot.

POTSC are a community of people that are committed to stretch themselves in the areas of relational forgiveness, personal transparency and advocate for mercy over judgment.

POTSC is creating this initiative to tacks how the labels people put on us are destructive and hurtful. This campaign will be introduced in mid-November.  If you have a story of how being miss-labeled effected your life share it with POTSC.

  Learn more about overthrowing judgment and liberating love: Like POTSC on FaceBook

Raise your voice for Second Chances and join POTSC now.


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