harnessing the power of photography for good

iaomai guatemala 2011 :: God’s Timing…

with all the action goin on in the clinic waiting area, i set up my camera to take photos of the day, timed to take a photo every 30 seconds…the fun part is you never know what your gonna get.  it was wednesday, october 5th, the middle of our ministry week in huehue…the joint was full of people.the waiting area, folks waiting to see 1 of 6 medical providers in the clinic

i dont recall where i was when i heard that tim had met and prayed with the general of the base.  my first reaction was “did anyone get photos?” and “why didnt yall grab one of us (photographers)?”  they looked but couldnt find us…i believe alot of photography is about timing and being in right place at right time.  and as a follower of Christ, i believe sometimes  God gives us photos that are just for us, the photographer, and not for sharing with the rest of the world.  and thats ok.  if you spend any amount of time with me you will hear me say that sometimes the photographer has to put the camera down in order to be obedient to God when He wants you to pray, worship, or just be still!  some folks prayin and being still…not me!

later on in the day, i was able to talk with tim more and found out they prayed for the general in the clinic waiting area!  so once i found out what time of day it was, i was able to search the nearly 1000 photos taken that day for the time-lapse, to find the photos (once i get the photos together i will share the time-lapse images).  i was able to crop down and get some photos we could share!  so i wasnt ready…but God set things up so when the time was right, the photo could be shared with all yall!  Praise God!praying with the general in the clinic!

tim was gracious enough to share a little bit more of what happened that day on the Iaomai website/blog…you can read his account by going HERE.  enjoy

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