harnessing the power of photography for good

Mission-Focused Class: 10/19/11 7pm @ Rock Church Room 353

Tomorrow night we will be sharing photos we have taken in the past. We are asking that you bring 2-3 photos with you and be ready to talk briefly about why you took the photos and what inspired you. This will allow us to get to know each other a little better and our individual shooting styles. Please bring the photos on CD, flash/USB drive, or the medium/card that you use in your camera. We are looking forward to seeing you and your photos.

What: Mission-Focused Class sharing time

– Bring 2-3 photos to share with the class along with a brief explanation of why you took the photo

– Put photos on CD, USB/flash drive, or bring in the medium you used in your camera

– Photos should be put into their own folder to make them easy to find. If you are not sure how to do this please write down the file numbers you would like to show and location on the storage device.

When: Wednesday 10/19/11 @ 7pm

Where: Rock Church Room 353

Why: To learn and share photos as well as our gift for photography

Who: Anyone who has an interest in photography. All experience levels are welcome. Please come even if you are not prepared for this class or never have been before. We can bring you up to speed during and after the class.


Jim Wanglund

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