harnessing the power of photography for good

iaomai guatemala 2011:: sandra’s story

sandra, in january of this year, when she first came seeking help

erin, with helps international, in the triage area talking with sandra and her parents

when i started writing this i was happy just to have captured the images i had, documenting the work of iaomai/helps and the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of sandra and her parents.  i spoke with dr lisa buckmiller an hour ago(4pm huehue time, oct 6), trying to get more info concerning sandras case.  she told me it was a tough case with a really neat back-story and that i should talk with erin.  this is what erin was able to tell me.

sandra was first seen by dr shultz, a helps international plastic surgeon, at the january huehue clinic.  after examing sandra, he determined the case was too difficult for surgery.  and that some other options would need to be explored.  after thinking about sandras case, dr shultz suggested erin contact dr buckmiller, a plastic surgeon who had the expertise to tackle sandras case.talking with dr albertson in the clinic

after forwarding all the doctor notations, case files and charts they had on sandra to dr buckmiller, she said she would see sandra when she came to huehue in october.  erin notified sandras parents that dr buckmiller would see sandra and to bring her to huehue.  sandra and her parents made the 2 hour trek to huehue and erin was able to meet them at the front gate on sunday, when we arrived.dr lisa buckmiller and her team consulting with the family about sandras upcoming surgery

sandra and her dad, before going into the operating room

dr buckmiller praying for sandra and her parents before her surgery

sandra had a severe fissure in her pallet that dr buckmiller said was the toughest case she had since she got here.  considering the fact that the helps plastic surgeon didnt think he could help sandra is a testimony to dr buckmillers skill and how difficult the case really was, and more importantly i believe its a testament to her faith in God.  dr buckmiller has been given a gift to restore and correct what is not right.  i was able to witness several times this week when she and her staff would come out to the pre-op area to pray for the patient and their family.a last minute hug from dr buckmiller, comforting sandras mom as her daughter is taken to the operating roomready!sarah erwin, posing with sandra and her parents before going home!sandra, the day she left the hospital.  dr buckmiller said more work needs to be done to fix her upperlip but the biggest hurdle had been cleared.

Finally, brothers and sisters, rejoice! Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you.

(2 Corinthians 13:11 NIV)

this verse came to mind after thinking about the physical restoration that has happened in sandras life.  what a blessing to be a witness of what God is doing in huehue.  sandras life with improve dramatically now that her pallet has been corrected by dr buckmiller.

the reality is all of us who follow Christ have access to the One who can provide Spiritual restoration to those around us who may look whole on the outside but are empty on the inside.  pauls encouragement to us all is to strive (or aim, in the esv) for full restoration….lets not be afraid to share the Good News of true restoration that comes through Christ!


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