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Iaomai Medical Ministries – Guatemala Mission

Just dropped Brother Joe off at the airport to meet up with the team from Iaomai Medical Ministries. After praying and saying goodbye to my friend it left me thinking of how I wish He had called me to participate in this mission. I’ve been wanting to cover Sean Burgess along with Iaomai for quite a while. The last time I worked with the medical mission was too long along ago in Jamaica in 2008. It was an experience that will live with me forever and often I wonder if I was more blessed or the people that we served. I’m excited for the opportunity that Joe and Cyndy have before them to document the work going on in Guatemala. The work will be difficult and I’m sure the line started a week or two ago to receive help but to witness the blessings and His work will be awesome.

We encourage you to learn more about Iaomai through the links below. Also there will be regular status updates right here on Mission-Focused as well. We also would like to ask for prayer for the people of Guatemala, the doctors, nurses, and other volunteers, as well as for Joe and Cyndy that their journey is a safe one and that He gives them the strength, ability, and assistance they will need for this opportunity.

Iaomai Medical Ministries

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