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Do Something World – Barrio Logan

Yet again the Rock Church through our Do Something World actions helped the community of Barrio Logan with some clean up, painting and other repairs.  God was really working through the participants and it was truly awesome to see people pitch in to help the people in this area of San Diego.

We ministered to the homeless as well during our time there and it was great to even see people who were not with the church helping.  One homeless person was busy picking up trash and other debris from around his shelter.  He also had some good conversation with some of the volunteers as he assisted with the efforts.  I would have loved to have gotten the photos but sometimes you just have to know when to put the camera down either to help out or out of respect for someones privacy.  While the gentleman was very helpful he felt ashamed of his situation and didn’t want to be photographed.  Hopefully the Lord will bring better times to this kind homeless man so that he can participate from a different perspective in our next event.  Sometimes you run into people who are mentally challenged,  addicted to something, or just on a bad run of things but more and more it is happening to people who just can’t find a job.  It happens more times than you think  in this economy and we have to remember that we are all just a couple of steps from being on the street.  Pray that this gentleman and many of the homeless get the assistance they need to get off the street and into a home.  The colder weather is coming and any way you can help is appreciated.

Ok now for some of the photos from the event.  Brother Joe should be posting the complete collection soon.


Jim Wanglund

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