harnessing the power of photography for good

monday at ampd…

this was their first full day of fun and craziness…and the action was furious with the temperature to match!  it was hot!  thankfully nobody passed out from heat exhaustion.  take a look at some of the fun from monday

just so folks dont think its total chaos all the time…they are encouraged to spend time each morning in God’s Word…

bonding time…the trust fall!

ben taking a much deserved 5 second break

the leaders are AMPD!

ninja workout time!

time for the WORD!glow sticks=fun!

it was a long day but just the beginning of what looks to be a great week of fun, fellowship and prayerfully…stronger more committed jrhi students who AMPD for Jesus!  please continue to pray for safety and that God would be Lord over AMPD this week.

more photos from monday at our facebook site HERE

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