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Luv Em Up Summertime Fun

On Saturday the Luv Em Up Ministries had a BBQ and games at the shore of a small lake hidden away in Lakeside.
Luv Em Up is a ministry that serves the needs of those both mentally and physically challenged, through sharing Jesus in worship and targeted preaching, while doing so in a loving family setting.
On the shores of the lake they cooked up burgers, dogs and all the fixings required for a cookout, everyone left filled to the brim with good food. The food line and activities were manned by a slew of Volunteers and worship leaders who had an excellent time of service.
 They had win a soft drink ring toss and water activities, but the by far favorite game was the pie in the face of two of the leaders in Luv Em Up, and the find the gum at the bottom of a whip cream pie. Their laughter filled the lakeside as they covered each other with whip cream
All of the fun was rounded off with excellent preaching and worship, worship with exuberant participation under the trees and warm sunshine.
Luv Em Up is a ministry that can always use volunteers to enable them to but on events for these awesome children of GOD. They are good events to bring your children to as they can experience ministry in action and be part of a family in a Do Something culture.
As Jesus so eloquently stated, “If you have done it to the least of these you have done it unto me.”

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