harnessing the power of photography for good

Do Something At Fire Station 3

Last Saturday the Do Something event had volunteers from The Rock Church working diligently at a variety of locations.  Four Fire Stations in the downtown area were cleaned, painted and planted. Volunteers also worked in Pt. Loma on two clean up/ beautification projects.

Smiling faces greet volunteers even though it is very early in the morning.

The kitchen was thoroughly cleaned before the painting began.

This is the second time I have shot a Do Something event and I am just as touched this time as the first.  What a blessing to be able to captures in photos these incredible volunteers as they give up their Saturday to work enthusiastically for their community.  The volunteers painted all the upstairs living areas, the kitchen and garage area.

It continues to makes me very proud of The Rock Church as people of all ages live out what they have been taught on Sundays.

A bad water problem was fixed with the installation of a drainage pipe.

Pastor Gary bring the new plants to spruce up the outside of the Fire Station.What a great day of service as people showed God’s love to the Fire personnel of Station 3. To see more photos go to our FaceBook page.


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