harnessing the power of photography for good

Let’s “Do Something” at Station 19

I have attempted to show in these few photos the elements of Saturday morning; not only the labor of love but the fun and laughter as well.
I just wanted the viewer to see all the people involved in making the day a success as the Rock strove to show their love and appreciation for the heroes who serve our community.

I like this one, a kind of abstract of the life of the Station

Striking a pose in front of Station 19.  I know it’s not the best compositionally, with one girl in the sun and the  brother with sunlight on his face. I should have rearranged them but I was being photographically lazy(we dont recommend being lazy, but the reality is mistakes happen and photography is a craft you constantly have to hone).
Deputy Chief Lorraine Hutchinson with Pastor Gary.  She gave a very nice and appreciative thank you speech to the Rock Peeps.
These photos were my attempt to show some work but also to be ascetically interesting. With each one I used a flash so that their faces and work was not dark and unusable from the back light and to save detail while retaining the blue of the sky. I liked the composition, with him looking trough the ladder down at me.
Wanted to show the fun and laughter had by all…Stepping away from her brush to take out a punching bag. A quick capture of some of the rockers being sprayed with water in a moment of fun and laughter…
It was a good day of service and I chance to but action behind our words of love, to live our faith.

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